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Rivers of ink are flowing over the Apple M1. As is often the case, it seems that Apple invented the ARM architecture and it is not. What he did is a great job of optimizing Rosetta 2 and its processor. Faced with such a launch, all eyes were on Qualcomm and Microsoft. The all-new Surface Pro X had lost its luster, paling at the excellence of Cupertino’s creation. As we will see later, not all paths converge at Qualcomm. What will AMD, Intel and the company say?

If Qualcomm is not enough … maybe AMD is

In the famous video by Panos Panay showing the evolution of Windows 10, Intel, AMD and ARM were named. Coincidentally, the fashion architecture was not tied to any brand, and while Qualcomm wants the future to be, it could be a future without them.

This week Qualcomm introduced its Snapdragon 888 and nothing else. After Apple introduced its M1 processor and pitifully humiliated Qualcomm’s 8cx, they didn’t say anything. The only thing was to show his joy as Apple is joining the ARM family.

Fortunately, Microsoft can work with other partners. Samsung continues to improve, little by little, its Exynos, even if today they still seem far from being able to compete. Yesterday we read how AMD seems to be working on something similar to the ARM-based Apple M1. A real surprise and a ray of hope not only for Microsoft but for partners who look at Qualcomm with doubts.

Remember, not only are Microsoft making Windows 10 devices on ARM. Samsung, HP, Lenovo and Huawei have presented a device based on ARM. Even Google and its Chromebooks will be interested in this news. If Qualcomm is not up to the task, it will look for another who is and everything indicates that AMD will take the lead. Meanwhile, many will wonder, where is Intel?

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