What if you get the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine and no one has told you?


Posted: Saturday July 17 2021 7:01 PM

You received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine and, after 21 days to receive the second, you did not receive any notification to go to your health center and receive the second dose. This is the case that citizens were confronted with during the vaccination campaign, having to speak directly with their autonomous communities or with the health centers they visited in the first place.

In recent days this has happened mostly in Madrid, where it is possible to call a phone number (900 102 112) and ask what happened. The truth is that there is no homogeneous citation method among the Autonomous Communities, with very different situations.

Phone calls, SMS, apps … the means are diverse with a clear objective: to vaccinate, to vaccinate and to vaccinate. Given the possible confusion that you can experience in your territory, we remind you which are the telephones and links of interest that you must consult and take into account to be vaccinated.


La Junta de Andalucía offers different ways to get vaccinated. The first is Salud Responde, a service accessible by downloading the App or by calling 955545060. In addition, you can go to the ClicSalud + service or call the health center in your health unit. The Ministry of Health also provides the following information telephone number: 900400061.


The phone number sent by the Department of Health is 976 696 382 to request information on anything related to the pandemic. In addition, you can make an appointment through the Salud Informa app or from


The citation system works automatically and does not have to be called. From the Principality’s Health Portal, they insist on contacting patients and sending them an SMS. In the event of a problem, they provide a telephone number (984016114) and an e-mail (, but they again ask that the corresponding health center not be called.

the Balearic Islands

The Ministry of Health will directly contact the people to be vaccinated. “Each vaccinated person will receive a vaccination record which will contain the dose, date, batch and date of the second dose,” says the official website. In addition, they give the following phone number: 971211999.

Canary Islands

If you are over 30, the Canary Islands Health Service offers you the option of calling 012, 922470012 or 928301012. If, on the other hand, you are under 30 and would like to request a vaccination, you can do so. via the following link. For more information on the coronavirus, they provide this phone number: 900112061.


The convocation will be made via a call made by a robot named JANO. They provide a link to check whether the appointment has been requested correctly and, if you have not been called, you must complete a form which will be sent to the Cantabrian Health Service. To request information on the coronavirus, give the following telephone number: 942204080.

Castile and Leon

As in Asturias, it is asked not to call the health centers in case of not being able to come to your appointment to be vaccinated. The information telephone number shared by the Ministry of Health is: 900 222 000.

Castilla La Mancha

The Castilla-La Mancha Health Service contacts citizens by phone call or SMS. In addition, they provide the following telephone number to inquire about vaccination: 925248367.


If you received the first dose of the vaccine, the normal thing is for you to receive an SMS with the information of your second appointment for that second puncture. If you have not received this text message, you must enter this link. If this link is not accessible or if there are problems, you must contact your referral primary care center via an eConsultation at Ma Santé or by calling 061. If you have been summoned from a care center primary care center, the one that calls you in to administer the second dose.


The general attention phone number they provide is: 900720692. They also share this link to get on a waiting list to receive the vaccine.

Valencian Community

By phone or SMS, the Generalitat Valenciana makes an appointment for the vaccination. If further information is required, there is the following contact telephone number: 900 300 555.


The telephone number of attention to the citizen that they give is 900222012.


In the case of Servizo Galego de Saúde, they share this information telephone number: 981215930.


The Community of Madrid provides the telephone number 900 102 112 to ask questions about vaccination. In addition, they ask that two other phone numbers be taken into account, which will be those of those who will call to make the appointment: 913700001 and 915026058.


In addition to providing 112 as a phone number to call if you have symptoms, Melilla shares the phone numbers of the city’s health centers on this link.


The appointment to get vaccinated varies depending on the vaccination group you are in, and can be by phone, SMS or by filling out a form. The information telephone number provided by the Ministry of Health of the Region of Murcia is 968365900.


If you are over 18 and do not have an appointment, the Government of Navarre gives you three phone numbers and a link so you can request an appointment.

Pamplona: 948370130

Estelle: 948370135

Tudela: 948370140

Pays Basque

If you do not receive an SMS with the vaccination appointment, you can call 900 203 050 or register on the Osakidetza website in the manual vaccination register.

La Rioja

If, for example, your group’s immunization shift has passed, you can call 941298333 to report this situation. The Riojasalud app allows you to check the status of your appointment to get vaccinated.

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