what is a brown dwarf star: a brown dwarf star rotating at a record speed: a brown dwarf star was moving at a record speed

Researchers saw the brown dwarf star, the fastest rotating universe ever discovered. Their speed was so fast that they can destroy themselves. Western University physics and astronomy graduate student Megan Tannak said the speed limit for these stars has been found. He said that previously these “failed stars” hadn’t been seen moving so fast.

Astronomers at Western University in Canada used data from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, followed by data from the Hawaii North Texas Telescope and the Chilean Magellan Bed Telescope. These results were obtained thanks to this. To find out how the star rotates, scientists have studied the change in the light it receives, known as the Doppler shift. Lighting is high-low in the spectrum depending on speed. It is compared to theory on computer models.

Tanak said that there could be strong storms on this star and that for this reason there was a difference in its brightness. Based on the brightness, it can be detected how many times the same storm comes around the star, this shows the period of rotation. These stars are called “failed stars” because they are unable to muster the mass necessary for a nuclear reaction.

NASA released video of the star exploding, 5 billion times brighter than the sun seen

Photo: NASA

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