what is comet erasmus: comet erasmus: a green tail comet that will shine in the sky, then only 2000 years later – comet erasmus will be visible in the coming weeks and then disappear for two thousand years

In 2020, two large comets (comets) were seen circling the sky. Now another comet is ready to strike. Comet Erasmus, which is 6 times brighter the coming week, takes 1900 years to circle the sun. It has just started to appear in the sky, but at the moment it cannot be seen without any equipment.

Now after two thousand years
As Erasmus gets closer to the sun, its brightness will increase and increase by 6 times. Astronomers predict that the brightest will be on December 12, when Mercury enters orbit and is closest to the sun. After that it will come out. Then it will not be seen until after two thousand years.

Where to look?
According to the astronomy site Space Weather, if Venus is seen, the comet can also be seen. Hydra constellations can be seen on the right side of Venus if you find it before sunrise in the southeast. The shining star nearby is Spica and Erasmus can also be found through it.

What does it look like?
The comet was discovered by South African astronomer Nicolas Erasmus on September 21. It bears his name. Astronomer Gerald Ramon took a photo of it on November 20, in which it looked a beautiful green. Ramon said his cock was excellent. He also couldn’t be captured in a single field view.

At the same time, scientists have warned that over time it will become difficult to see only with the eyes. The researchers say that due to the lighting, it will be difficult for ordinary people and astronomers to see it.

What are comets?
Let us tell you that comets also revolve around the sun like asteroids but they are not rocky but are made of dust and snow. When these comets head for the sun, their snow and dust turn into vapor, which looks like a tail to us. The peculiarity is that the visible comat of the earth is really far from us.

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