What is conversational artificial intelligence and why to bet on it in HR services

What is conversational artificial intelligence and why to bet on it in HR services

Amelia, a leader in enterprise artificial intelligence software, today announced that Staffmark Group, a leader in the human resources industry in the United States, has hired digital employee Amelia to provide enhanced operational support to its internal team.

Staffmark Group will use Amelia to respond to inquiries from its internal team and also to answer the most frequently asked questions that the operations team receives on a daily basis. Staffmark Group has named its digital employee “Scout”, a non-binary choice that embodies the core Staffmark Group values ​​of professionalism, tenacity, belonging, community and fun.

Emily Giltner, Senior Vice President of Business Operations at Staffmark Group, said: “The Staffmark Group is dedicated to helping people find the right jobs, and it’s important that we provide our teams with the smartest industry solutions possible. . “Scout” helps us to carry out this mission. Thanks to Amelia’s conversational artificial intelligence platform, we are able to streamline our internal investigations and free up our recruiters to focus on higher value-added activities. This improves our efficiency and allows us to place talent more quickly. “

Chetan Dube, CEO of Amelia, said: “We are delighted to partner with Staffmark Group, a company that performs essential work for more than 30,000 employees every week. With this implementation, Amelia can lighten the workload for Staffmark Group employees, allowing them to focus on more complex issues and resolve queries faster. We can’t wait to see the Staffmark Group use the power of conversational AI to help them with their business processes. “

Staffmark Group was looking for a way to handle the massive influx of direct inquiries it receives every day regarding operations, company affairs, marketing or invoicing, among others. About 50-60% of inquiries on these channels are “point solutions” or, in other words, they only require a short, direct and straightforward response. Staffmark employees themselves began to think that inquiries were not being dealt with quickly enough. The Staffmark group therefore hired Amelia to eliminate a significant portion of these requests. Staffmark Group is a member of RGF Staffing, one of the world’s leading providers of human resources services with operations in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Japan and North America.

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