what is cow hugs: cow hug therapy during the coronavirus pandemic: cows hug trend during the corona virus outbreak

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People in the United States in the midst of the Corona virus outbreak, people far from their stress, stress victims, treatments hidden in therapy Some organizations start serving cows for cuddles, spend $ 200 on an hour, erasing the stress.
A week’s stress or prolonged depression, the touch of an innocent animal brings a lot of relief to the human spirit. Typically, pets keep the light on their fellow humans in the home, professionally trained service or therapy dogs are also an example. Now it is becoming very popular to get the same rest from dogs and small animals by kissing them with cows. In India, especially in rural areas, it is common for cows to turn their hands, but in America people are willing to spend money on it.

This well-being trend is called “cow hugs” in which the cow is hugged, cuddled with love, lying on her back. In this way, an effort is made to reduce stress and anxiety. It is believed to have been introduced in the Netherlands as a treatment and has increased in the United States amid the corona virus outbreak. Especially when humans can’t kiss.

It is becoming popular in the United States in Hawaii, New York, Texas and Los Angeles. Many non-profit organizations are working there. Especially in places where rescued cows are kept, it has been seen that these cows also show love towards people. In some places people pay up to $ 200 for an hour. With this money, the cows are organized for care.

Reports suggest that the animal’s embrace of an excitosin hormone emits a feeling of comfort and peace. Its effect has also been observed in animals. In 2007, a study published in the Applied Animal Behavior Science Journal stated that cows are also relaxed by turning their hands up and around their necks and turning their ears back.

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