What is dark matter: Scientists suggest dark matter does not exist: Scientists say nothing is dark matter

There are many questions about the universe that humans are still looking for answers to. There is a theory about things that cannot be found, but the beauty of the scientific world is that each new discovery leads to a new possibility and the earlier theory becomes old. Something similar seems to be happening with “Dark Matter”. Until now, it was believed that the reason for the strange behavior of stars inside galaxies was the gravity of dark matter. However, according to a team of international scientists, this is not the case.

What is dark matter?
Dark matter refers to unknown elements that interact with common matter only by gravity. It does not emit light, reflect it or absorb it. He was never directly uncontrolled. Researchers now have an External Field Effect (EFE) which is a weak gravitational wave. It has been observed at the orbital speed of stars in more than 150 galaxies.

There is another reason
According to the study, this does not correspond to dark matter theory, but rather modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND) or modified gravity. According to this theory, the movement inside an astronomical object depends not only on the mass but also on the gravity of other objects. This is called the external field effect.

No evidence of dark matter
The concept of dark matter or missing matter arose in 1933 when it was discovered that only one percent of the total mass of all stars in the galaxies of the coma cluster was used to prevent the entire cluster from falling. out of gravity. Decades later, in 1970, astronomer Vera Rubin and Kent Ford discovered a strange orbit of stars.

The scientific world then considered the mass of dark matter to be responsible for this strange behavior. Experts estimate that 85% of the universe is dark matter but no proof has ever been given. However, the study team argues that such behavior should not be attributed to something being forgotten but to a change in severity.

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