what is Dyson Sphere: Kya Hai Dyson Sphere Jo Zinda kar sakta hai Logo ko: People can come back after death

Can anyone be resurrected after someone dies? It may sound like superstition or science fiction, but Russian transhumanists and life popularizers claim it is possible with the help of Alexei Tarachin Technology. The Dyson sphere is the megastructure with which a superintelligent artificial agent will create a digital copy of a person from their personal data. Tarachin has been working on this “ road map to immortality ” since 2014. Tarchin described this in a recent article.

How will it work?

Tarchin documents his dreams, every conversation and his daily experiences. Even they accept their personal opinions and ideology. Superintelligent AI has to know how a person has lived their life in order to continue working, only then can they become like that person. Once the digital copy is made, it will also be possible to make the body. Cloning can be done using the DNA structure and using a digital copy it can be done like a human. However, the energy required for this whole process is difficult to achieve with the earth. The Dyson sphere will work here. (International Journal of Astrobiology)

How will this be done?

The concept was donated in 1960 by the late physicist Freeman Dyson. In it, he spoke of an imaginary shell that encircles the sun. It will use seconds of energy on 400 septillion watts emitted by the sun. It will be made up of several satellites rotating in different orbits. It is also the biggest challenge. It is not possible to build such a huge structure at the moment. Oxford University Future of Humanities researcher Stuart Armstrong says it’s impractical to do something like this while covering the sun.

Different from cloning

Tarchin says the Dyson sphere is difficult to craft at the moment, but it can be done with a nanobot. They say these robots can start extracting iron and oxygen from a planet and use it to make the surface of hematite around the sun. However, despite this, experts believe that digital cloning like cloning is difficult to be exactly like a human being. Over time, he can become a different human being based on new experiences. Not only that, this circle around the sun or any other star will only be successful as long as the star is alive. This energy source will also end with his death.

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