What is it, is it also available in other countries?

Publication: Monday, May 3, 2021 5:01 AM

On the eve of the regional elections of the Community of Madrid, voters and candidates face electoral silence before the presidential election: the day of reflection.

The day of reflection is the day after the last day of the electoral campaign, which runs from 00:00 the day before to 8:00 p.m. on election day, as explained in Organic Law 5/1985 (LOREG). On this day, voters should assess and reflect on their vote without receiving any political influence, as stated in Article 53 of LOREG.

Those who do not respect the day of reflection “will be punished by imprisonment of three months to one year or a fine of six to twenty-four months”, details article 144 of the LOREG.

Is there a day of reflection in other countries?

Yes, it is not a Spanish “invention”, the day of reflection also exists in countries all over the world. In some this day spans more than one day and in others it is known as the “electoral ban”.

Most European countries follow this day of reflection in the same way as in Spain. This is the case for Italy, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal or Russia. However, this is not a uniform measure across Europe. Some countries do not apply any type of restriction on the last day before the election, such as in Germany. In addition to the German country, in other countries like Sweden there is no law that regulates this day, despite the fact that most of the applicants generally comply with the standard.

Outside of Europe, in countries like Mexico or Paraguay, the electoral ban is extended for three days before the vote, banning any type of election campaign or propaganda and polls.

In Argentina, for example, this electoral ban is much stricter than in other places, banning the sale of alcoholic beverages before elections and resulting in penalties. “Prison sentences of fifteen days to six months will be imposed on people who sell alcoholic beverages from twelve hours before and until three hours after the end of the electoral law”, specifies the Argentine electoral law.

But, without a doubt, the most striking case is that of the United States, where it is legal for candidates to campaign until the last day or they can even call for the vote on Election Day, provided they are 30 meters from the school. electoral.

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