what is jezero crater: all you need to know about jezero crater location images and life in mars: what is jzero mars crater and where is it

The Perseverance Rover of the US space agency NASA successfully walked on the surface of Mars and began its work. This NASA mission landed in Jezero Crater. Somewhere in the middle of the crater there is a mountain rise, sometimes there are rocky terrains, somewhere there are mountains of sand and high walls of the pit. If the lander had hit any of these, the whole mission could have failed. Despite this, after a thorough analysis of 60 different places on Mars over five years, why did mission team members and scientists around the world choose Jezero for this historic discovery?

Where is this crater?

This crater is 28 miles wide and sits at the western end of the plain called Isidis Planitia. It is north of the equator of Mars. An ancient meteorite is believed to have fallen into Isidis Planitia, forming a 750 mile crater. A small meteorite then fell here and became Jezero Crater. Later it was flooded and the drought became favorable to the life of the delta. NASA’s Curiosity Rover was landing at Gale Crater, 2,300 miles from here.

How did the lake become?

Scientists believe Jezero was once filled with water and owned an ancient river delta here. This lake was formed 3.5 billion years ago by water from rivers. Scientists have obtained such evidence which shows that this water was brought from the surrounding area to Mineral Lake. There may have been microorganisms during this time. If this had happened, then its marks would be in the bottom of the lake or in the sediment of the shore.

How to get clues?

Scientists will study how this area developed and if there was life here. Rock and soil samples from Mars will be taken, in which the answers to these questions can be hidden. CRISM Instrument of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has found that there is clay present here which can only be formed in the presence of water. Similar clay has been found in the Mississippi Delta on Earth, and microbial life found in rocks has also been found here. For this reason, it is expected that traces of life will also be preserved on Mars.

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