What is Ndrangheta: Ndrangheta Mafia Trial Begins in Italy Everything You Need to Know: Italy’s Largest Mafia Hearing Begins

At least 900 witnesses and 350 accused. In Italy’s biggest mafia trial in nearly 30 years, politicians to officials will take the stand. He is accused of involvement in the powerful “Ndrangheta Mafia”. A thousand-seat, highly secure courtroom has been prepared for the trial that the whole world is eyeing. Even the cages are made to keep the accused in them.

The accused will sit in cages

In the first round of court hearing due to the corona virus, many defendants will also appear in court via video and those involved in the court will be required to wear masks. Kas cages have been set up for the hearing and the defendants will be seated at least 2 meters apart. In December 2019, after an investigation that began in 2016, they were all arrested in 11 different locations in Italy. These raids required the hard work of at least 2,500 officers.

Murder in Hawala

Experts say this organization was declared a mafia under the new Italian law in 2010, but has been around since 1861. It became known in the 80s and 90s, when several kidnappings in Italy went unnoticed. He is believed to be accused of killing the grandson of oil trader John Paul Getty. Extortion, in addition to drug trafficking, involved trafficking in illegal waste and hawala.

Pigs put bodies …

Experts say this organization is known for its brutality. It is so awful that in 2016, when a businesswoman did not give her land to a neighbor who had contact with the organization, she was killed and parts of her body were fed to pigs. The organization is also accused of having killed many children after 1950. In 2014, a three-year-old child was shot dead by members of an organization that was going to target a person. (Photo: prosecutor)

From leader to involved businessman

This mafia had a strong hold on Calabria. These people were hidden in their own bunkers, behind stairs, in thieves’ doors and even in the manhole. Not only that, a former senator in Germany, Switzerland and Bulgaria, a police chief, local councilors and businessmen were arrested for helping the Mafia. The group is powerful in Italy as well as one of the richest mafia organizations in the world.

Strength was built through relationships

Officials associated with the case claim that the main members of the Mafia operate from their villages. To avoid this, they built tunnels under their houses. Even the bunkers are built in the mountains. There is a provision to hide them in the forests too. From there, its leaders easily do drug business through mask companies. The people involved are usually relatives of each other. This is why everyone is hiding each other’s secrets.

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