What is the aspect most valued by candidates in the selection process?

What is the aspect most valued by candidates in the selection process?

The behavior of recruiters during the selection process not only influences the opinion on the process itself, or on the recruiter, but also affects the general image of the company.

BY RRHHDigital, 11:00 a.m. – June 18, 2021

The barometer prepared by Nexian, the first national network of HR services, sought to know which aspect is most valued in recruiters by candidates. The response was overwhelming: empathy is the most valued quality for 50.5% of participants.

De hecho, otra de las conclusionses a las que llega este estudio es que el behaviouro de los reclutadores durante los procesos de selección, no solo tienen influencia en la opinión sobre el propio proceso, o sobre el reclutador, sino que afecta à la imagen general of the company. As such, for Irene Diego, Nexian’s recruitment consultant, “having this attitude in the selection process is positive for the candidate, who will feel more serene, and also for the company, which will achieve the best version of the person. “.

According to this study, the clarity of the offer is the next variable preferred by 25% of participants in this barometer. The consulting firm Nexian ensures that “participating in a job interview knowing the key aspects of the offer is a way to optimize resources, both for the company, which will see people genuinely interested in the position. and knowing its characteristics, as well as for the candidates, who will only register for the offer if they are interested ”.

The third place in this ranking of preferences is occupied by punctuality. This quality is chosen by 19.6% of the participants. Candidates greatly value your time, especially if they are working. Faced with this problem, Nexian experts advise to organize the interviews well, so that the processes do not take more time than expected, which generates discomfort – and disrupts the plans – of the opters.

Finally, and in a minor way, the study reveals that 3.5% of the participants in this study value above all active listening, the feeling that the recruiter listens to the candidate’s evaluations and understands his situation. This creates a very positive atmosphere of trust, closeness and security.

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