What is the Assessment Center and why is it essential when selecting professionals who impact business success?

What is the Assessment Center and why is it essential when selecting professionals who impact business success?

Wyser, a multinational company belonging to the Gi group which offers “Executive Search & Selection” and “Assessment & Cultural Transformation” solutions, carried out a global survey of its clients and candidates where the importance of the assessment methodology is put in evidence. select the right people to support the success of an organization.

The research collects their opinions on the use and effectiveness of the Assessment Center as a process for evaluating professionals, during succession planning, for talent review or for evaluating the professional performance of workers, in order to determine its suitability for which positions or roles, in particular in the case of managerial positions.

Nowadays, the need for companies to be attentive to the personal attitudes of a candidate has required a wide range of tools to be able to assess and compare each professional. All of this led to this research, which highlighted the importance, effectiveness and benefits offered by a methodology such as the Assessment Center.

Firstly, the analysis shows that the assessment center is a known practice and is used all over the world, with 51% of respondents saying they have applied it at least once. On the contrary, being a small business (25.5%) and having a limited budget (21.7%) are the two main reasons why those who have never done it stand out.

Regarding the level of satisfaction of those who used it, more than 85% are satisfied with the result, especially when talking about rotation: before implementing AC methodologies in the selection process, 32% of Newcomers professionals have left the company after a few years or even a few months; after application of AC, the percentage is reduced to 3%.

Indeed, thanks to the use of the Evaluation Center in the search and selection of middle managers and managers, the reliability and validity of the selection decision are improved; In addition to allowing the company to get involved throughout the process, observing the performance of candidates.

In this regard, the professionals questioned consider that the main added values ​​provided by the Assessment Center methodology are: the assessment of “soft skills” and personality traits (61.7%), by providing elements for the assessment of long-term correspondence between each candidate and the position (54.3%), provide comparable results and a portfolio on each candidate (33%), improve accuracy (25.5%) and limit human bias (20, 2%).

“At Wyser, on the basis of the importance of adapting the tools of each assessment center to the specific needs of each company, we advise from the start of our relationship, defining together with what technical and interpersonal skills they must engage, based on their future strategies. Our client becomes a partner, with whom we are part of the whole process, sharing points of view, methods and tools, and not just results.

Thus, based on the importance of soft skills today, we have set up our own Assessment Center methodology, adaptable to the specific needs of each organization, and focused on four areas of competence: cognitive, relational, management and application. which allows the assessment of the said soft skills of each professional profile.

Likewise, at Wyser, we believe that the assessment center is also a key part of the feeedback culture. Giving applicants detailed information about their strengths and areas for improvement makes them richer, regardless of the outcome of the selection. Indeed, according to the study, not giving an adequate answer to an employee / candidate is the error considered to be the most serious during an assessment center (61.7%), followed by the confidence of a non-expert service provider (25.5%) ”, explains Mauricio Jimnez, commercial director of Wyser.

The study also highlights the usefulness of resorting to specialized external consultants when carrying out an assessment center, since, according to respondents, companies like Wyser offer: guarantees (57.9%), advice (56.8%), the ability to build a tailor-made solution (46.3%) and understand your specific needs (31.6%).

You can find the details of the full report by accessing the following link: click here.

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