What is the situation we will find again this summer and what will the last quarter of the year hold in store for us?

Post-Covid work scenario: what is the situation we will find again this summer and what will the last quarter of the year hold for us?

A little over a year after the start of the pandemic, when the employment situation hit critical moments in our country, all hopes are on the summer.

With a large part of the economic sectors affected, many are wondering what is the situation we will find again this summer and what will bring us the last quarter of the year. Will the unemployment rate finally be corrected or will the summer months just be a temporary oasis?

In this sense, it is possible to be optimistic, since everything indicates that the situation will improve considerably between July and September due, mainly, to the increase in people vaccinated against Covid-19 with 38.8 million doses administered according to data provided by the Ministry. Health, to an encouraging decrease in the incidence of the virus which fell by two points last month and to the easing of restrictions throughout Spain.

Another positive figure is the stabilization of ERTE workers since the second half of 2020, when 738,000 jobs were recovered, 53.6% of jobs lost in the months in which the vast majority of companies were forced to leave. suspend their activity for not being considered essential.

Therefore, the general trend in the world of work is towards a process of modernization and adaptation in which 800,000 additional jobs will be created over the next two years, as underlined by the prepared Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. by the Spanish government. and approved by the European Commission on June 16, a resource mobilization strategy through which it should support economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

This same line is the one followed by the data collected in the last report prepared by the portal specialized in employment, which shows an encouraging scenario for the end of the year, when hiring in Spain should again reach previous levels. -Covid. According to the results of the research carried out, a growth of at least 1.5% in terms of employment will be recorded, reaching figures similar to those recorded before the Covid-19 crisis, with an estimate of 19.8 million people busy.

Now, how does this directly affect job search, what new opportunities have arisen, what sectors are offering the most vacancies?

New opportunities

Although the tourism sector has emerged in recent years as the largest source of employment in Spain with a representation of 14.6% of the national GDP, from we see how the pandemic has significantly increased other profiles that companies continually ask, fundamentally from the construction and digital sector, such as technical architect, surveyor, project manager, content writer, SEO specialist or web developer, we can therefore predict that the keys to job creation over the next few months will focus on three main sectors: hospitality, technology and construction.

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