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the essentials On Tuesday, June 1st, the SNCF presented its new tariff offer for TGV and Intercity trains. Unique discount card, price transparency … La Dépêche du Midi tells you more.

After a year of consultation, the SNCF will present its new price offer on Tuesday, June 1st. His will: to put an end to the image of the expensive train and win back the French, reports Le Parisien.

In this new offer, a “benefit card” is offered that means you don’t have to be young or old, don’t spend a weekend or belong to a large family in order to lower the price of the ticket. It affects TGV and intercity journeys.

“Advantage” for everyone?

For 49% per year, the “Advantage Card” offers a reduction of -30% on all adult tariffs and -60% on three children’s tariffs. The only exception that is not really one: “The customer between the ages of 28 and 59 who travels alone during the week without children”. An “exception” to take advantage of the professional traveler niche who can often pay the price of a last-minute ticket.

This card can be used to buy a ticket at the last minute when there are still places available and to have top prices.

From June 1st, the new rules for holders of discount cards will apply

If you already have a discount card, there are no measures, the new rules will automatically apply from this Tuesday.

For new customers, you must wait until June 17th to join.

more transparency

The SNCF will also set up a marker on its website that will show the minimum and maximum price when tickets are purchased at the destination.

The extended TGV max subscription

The railway has also announced that it will extend its TGV Max subscription to senior citizens. To date, this unlimited subscription has been reserved for young people between the ages of 16 and 27 for 79 euros a month. It allows travel from Monday to Friday with no limitation on SNCF journeys.

The SNCF finally wants to simplify the “frequent travelers” program, a new first “business” class is being created, and the “regular” and “return” offers are being abandoned.

Nothing has been said about the delays … It doesn’t necessarily have to change overnight.

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