what oumuamua: Oumuamua could be a hydrogen iceberg

What is the Oumuamua interstellar object that passed near Earth in 2017? Some scientists believe it is a rock from space, while others call it a specimen of alien technology. In a new study, researchers at Yale University said it was neither a rock nor evidence of aliens, but an iceberg that had come from deep space. Research has said it is a Hydrodon iceberg, 35 million years old. This rock remained a piece for about 4 years because a space object like this had never been seen before.

How was Oumuamua made?

This research, published in the pre-printed journal Arxiv, indicates that this object was born from a giant molecular cloud (GMC). This is where molecules like hydrogen are made. In most other places, there is only ionized gas. Hydrogen is found in greatest quantity in the universe, but hydrogen ice is the rarest. It only gets such a temperature in places like GMC.

In the study, the scientists said that if such a physical association is possible, we would expect Oumuamua’s path to cross it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a comet-like object ejected from a protoplanetary disc or formed from a GMC itself.

What is the reason for the high speed?

Experts have described Carina-Near and Columba- these two associations as the GMC from which it may come. He says that Oumuamua’s motion is in sync with the other Carina members. Both GMCs are 10-16 million light years from Earth in deep space. Due to its shape, it is also stated to be made from frozen hydrogen. It looked like a cigar. He also says that because of the hydrogen ice, only a small amount would be needed for it to grow at such a rapid rate. Previously, Yale’s own research had found hydrogen ice to be present there.

Example of alien technology?

Earlier, Harvard University professor Avi Loeb claimed that the Oumuamua space rock seen on October 19, 2017, was in fact evidence of extraterrestrial life. It was seen by the PAN-STARRS1 telescope at the University of Hawaii. This cigar-shaped object passed close to Earth at a speed of 1.96 lakh miles per hour and was considered to be a comet or an asteroid. The biggest claim Avi makes as proof of his extraterrestrial life is the effect of the Sun’s gravity. He said that the speed of space objects becomes faster as they approach the sun and slower as they move away. However, this did not happen with Oumuamua.

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