What percentage of Spaniards believe there is a skills gap in the labor market?

What percentage of Spaniards believe there is a skills gap in the labor market?

In this sense, the third edition of the study “ Lack of capacities ”, prepared by Udemy, the largest global online training platform in the world, arrives to reveal the main perceptions of Spanish workers, as well as other key countries of the economy. global, around the labor market.

Once again we see how the perception of a skills gap in the Spanish labor market has developed. According to the current edition, 77% of Spaniards believe there is a skills gap, which is an increase of 4 percentage points compared to 2018 and 12 percentage points compared to 2017, ” Llibert says Argerich, vice president of marketing at Udemy. “Our study also reflects that among workers who believe this deficit exists, 60% feel personally affected by this deficit, which is very much in line with the results of previous editions.”

Professional skills, which ones do our bosses value the most?

The study notes that workers are aware of the speed at which the work environment is changing and its demands. Indeed, 77% consider that their current skills are becoming obsolete (7 points more than our French neighbors, for example). And it is that 63% of Spaniards believe that the skills to develop their work will evolve in the next five years and, even, 42% think that Artificial Intelligence or automation will be able to develop their functions.

When it comes to indicating the skills most valued by bosses, Spanish workers are straightforward: leadership and management skills (teamwork, conflict resolution, team management, etc.), with 62%, be clear favorites. Behind them are technical or digital skills (57%).

In this sense, Spanish workers are not alone in facing this situation and continuing to learn. 7 in 10 employees say the companies they work for offer professional development, and almost half (46%) learn new skills through company-sponsored training programs. Additionally, 32% opt for another of today’s most popular learning options, online courses, a figure that rises to 42% and 47% respectively for Mexican and Brazilian workers.

” Having the possibility to learn from anywhere and anytime to successfully lead a team or resolve conflicts effectively, among others, through online training platforms is, without a doubt, one of the preferred options to continue growing as a professional Argerich points out. “In addition, we Spaniards have another highly valued factor in any professional profile, such as our favorable predisposition to acquire new skills and even a possible transition to a new job, which is supported by 84% of Spanish respondents.”

The commitment of companies to training, an added value

The study conducted by Udemy also reveals that 70% of Spaniards consider that a university education has not provided them with the skills necessary for the world of work. A perception which in France, for example, rises to 79%.

In addition, 76% of Spanish workers say they had to learn new skills to be effective in their current job. And it is that having a qualified staff and with the possibility of being able to be formed is a factor more and more necessary and valued internally. For this reason, it is not surprising that 74% of respondents consider it important that their bosses support a learning culture within the organization, a figure which is even 94% in the case of the ‘India.

All of this highlights the high level of awareness among workers in our country and around the world of the need to maintain an attitude of constant training throughout their lives. An essential requirement to become and remain over time as an essential part of any organization.

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