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This summer you might go on a long road trip consisting of several stages … We have missed travel and exploration so much that the desire to escape is likely to be very great. And during your trip you can sleep under the stars!

Whether for fun, for reasons of economy or for a hotel and campsite for a whole night. A night under the stars can be very nice if you don’t care too much about comfort … A good mattress, a warm duvet and some essentials for a successful night under the stars.

The three things not to be forgotten for comfort!

You probably won’t find the comfort of a king size bed, cozy and soft, but you can still have a great night!

A mattress in the form of a mat or, better yet, a self-inflating mattress! It doesn’t take up space and can be very comfortable … Plus, it adapts to the trunk of your car when you sleep in it. Blankets, plaids, quilts! Our experience leads us to tell you that even on days with 30 ° the nights in the middle of nature are sometimes freezing. Such an insect repellent (mosquitoes and others), a lemongrass candle or mosquito repellent bracelets … Absolutely necessary, do not forget that you will sleep between mosquitoes and not the other way around!

The essentials are absolutely necessary!

Anyone who says wild camping, even for one night, definitely says rudimentary comfort! And we’re not talking about a night in a luxury motorhome! But more of an unexpected stopover with your little townspeople, because you find the place magical!

In the basics, you need to consider the following:

A flashlight toilet paper, otherwise you might find some tree leaves! Some water ! When the nights are very hot you need to be able to hydrate yourself, the heat rises quickly in the cockpits, water is essential! Garbage bags, out of the question to leave your garbage in nature A solar and charged external battery, if your phone is used as a lamp, it would be a shame to forget it. Prepare your survival kit well. Photo credit: Shutterstock / CW Pix

The little extra would be a handpresso coffee machine that offers you a hot coffee when you wake up … Simply by plugging it into the cigarette lighter! So we mustn’t forget the… compostable pods!

But what does the law say about wild camping?

The French law is not very clear on the subject of wild camping and it is better to contact the town hall of the chosen place to find out the rights on this subject. But above all the camping bans that have to be communicated.

Remember to erase all traces of your journey, for the planet and for others. Photo credit: Shutterstock / abriendomundo

Either way, of course, you need to leave the places as clean as you found them and keep your website clean overnight! If the municipal regulations can deviate in some points, these are still prohibited for wild camping:

The perfect time to recharge your batteries. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Serhii Yurkiv On private property without the consent of the owner, for example, watch out for cultivated fields! Along roads and public transport routes In nature reserves or protected sites By the sea In a classified area protected by its natural or historical resources Within 500 m of a historical monument or 200 m of drinking water points.

Most of the time, there are signs near these sensitive areas that campers do not let in overnight under the starry sky. Sleeping under the stars doesn’t mean bivouacking! A picnic on a blanket and a quiet night, but putting up your camping gear without a permit is out of the question.

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