What preventive measures are essential to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus in the workplace?

What preventive measures are essential to avoid the transmission of the coronavirus in the workplace?

Diagnostic tests and hygiene measures have become one of the keys to controlling the spread of Covid-19. To provide information on this subject and remove the doubts that have arisen around this new scenario, Valora Prévention organized a webinar with the aim of explaining to companies what preventive measures they must adopt to avoid transmission in the workplace and importance of detection to fight the virus.

The conference was moderated by Mª José Boyero – Territorial Director of Valora Prévention – and given by Dra Mª Ángeles Barceló – Occupational Doctor of Valora Prévention -. Dr Barceló enumerated the actions to be taken in the field of health surveillance by the company in the face of the new scenario due to COVID-19. Barceló stressed that these actions have not changed compared to before COVID, but that they must be adapted to the new situation.

Among the special actions in the Covid era carried out by Valora Prévention, he highlighted the assessment of workers particularly susceptible to coronavirus infection, the preparation of reports in the event of incapacity for work due to contagion and the follow-up of close contacts In work. environment.

In the second part of the conference, Barceló focused on the importance of carrying out screening tests in companies, as a key measure to avoid contagion, and deepened the characteristics and uses of each of them.

To conclude the day, the Valora Prévention doctor introduced the subject of vaccination, emphasizing its effectiveness and safety, and the importance of knowing, once vaccinated, the number of antibodies generated against COVID-19, with the realization of a serological test that they wear as a novelty in Valora Prevention.

After the presentation was completed, Mª Ángeles Barceló said that during the most difficult and uncertain times of the pandemic, “we have been the friendly voice of many of our companies, who have called us to resolve the doubts they had and that of Valora we treated to answer to reassure ”.

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