What psychobiological factors influence school failure?

Qualiteasy and Clickedu will celebrate a new edition of their cycle of virtual seminars on January 20. Under the name of “Training and communication” during the day, topics such as, for example, the future of education, after hybrid training caused by COVID will be discussed. In addition, three educational entities will discuss the training and support of teachers and communication between educational agents in the current environment. Finally, Dr Miquel Casas, professor emeritus of psychiatry at UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), will present the study “Psychobiological factors that influence school failure”.

After COVID, Quo Vadis Education in Spain?

The seminar will open with a framework presentation given by Dr Pere Marquès (DIM-EDU educational network). During this, we will try to answer the question of knowing, after the emergence of COVID, and the transformation of working methods, what is the future of education. There was first the closure of schools due to confinement, with de-escalation, hybrid training and now, with the vaccine, what path will education take? How will educational institutions be transformed? During the presentation, Dr Marqués will review key actions in the field of education in the coming years.

What adaptations have been made in the centers after COVID? Achievements

In the same way, the success stories of three educational centers will be presented which will deal with the theme of training and support for teachers and communication. Thus, Ricard Bahí of the Cultural Institution of the CIC (Barcelona) will speak about communication in a pandemic environment. Likewise, Andreu Rigo and Miguel Cánovas from Sant Josep Obrer School (Palma de Mallorca) will talk about training and supporting teachers to face COVID times. For her part, Maria Teresa Martínez from Colegio Joyfe in Madrid, will talk about PF actions in order to give a better training response today.

Study on school failure carried out at the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) among the Catalan student population

Finally, the seminar will have the collaboration of Dr Miquel Casas, professor emeritus of psychiatry at UAB, who will be interviewed to ask questions on the results of the study “The psychobiological factors that influence school failure”. Casas is currently director of the “UTAE Recerca” program at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona. He has published numerous scientific articles and received various institutional awards and distinctions.

Dates of the next seminars

The virtual seminar on January 20 is part of the cycle of 6 online seminars that began last October under the name “For a disruptive education in the era of COVID”. They are led by Dr Pere Marquès (DIM-EDU Educational Network) and their objective is to provide educational centers, in a framework as mobile and uncertain as the current one, with criteria for action against COVID. The next seminars will take place on February 19, March 24 and April 14.

At, you can view the seminar program and access free registration.

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