what to do and what not to do if you meet up with your friends and family this holiday season

Posted: Saturday November 28 2020 18:21

What will happen across Spain this Christmas remains a very dangerous mystery, as the country reaches the end of the year celebrations being one of the territories in the world most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused it. already left more than 1.6 millions of people infected and about 45,000 deaths.

Health professionals have already warned: “We must save lives, not Christmas”. For this reason, one of the first recommendations that the authorities have issued, at the cost of knowing in more detail the restrictions that will be applied for the last weeks of December, is that, as far as possible, family reunifications are carried out in outdoor spaces, as exposure to COVID-19 is lower.

Failing that, although it is less advisable, frequently ventilate all closed areas where meetings are held. In fact, on this issue, it has already been said that the number of people together is between six and ten, never above, and that at most two groups of cohabitants are generated during these meetings.

And, of course, if one decides to spend the holidays with family and friends who do not cohabit, it is mandatory to remember the need to strictly follow the rules and sanitary advice to avoid further exposure to contagion. among those gathered. The first of all, of course, is not to attend meetings with other people if you are suffering from symptoms similar to coronavirus. But this is not the only factor to take into account to reduce the risks.

Whether in open or closed spaces, it is necessary to use a mask, which should only be removed for eating or drinking. Then you will need to put it back. The famous kisses and hugs that we exhibit in Spain are also not to greet us, say goodbye and, in this case, celebrate Christmas. We will have to wait a bit. In the meantime, it is best to keep a social distance of at least 1.5 meters per person as much as possible.

Remember to wash your hands frequently and to use a hydroalcoholic gel. In this sense, health experts are also warning against the risk of everyone touching the same objects, eating from the same plate, or drinking from the same bottle or glass. Even if the same cutlery is used. It is therefore preferable that everyone uses their utensils and that the food and drinks are always served by the same restaurant.

Other actions also recommended: it will always be positive that, if there is no other choice but to travel on these dates, we try to achieve a lockdown of ten days. Because no, you shouldn’t trust the tests at all, as they don’t trust asymptomatic people. This could cause a serious problem at Christmas lunches and dinners.

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