What will HR look like in 2021?

Human resources will change in 2021. Most businesses, according to Factorial, a software and services company specializing in managing HR issues, will continue to adopt the strategies that worked well during the lockdown.

Video calling, cloud services, or teleconferencing will drive HR departments forward next year. One of the biggest trends is for remote leadership. The safety distance imposed by Covid-19 means that distances between workers must be maintained.

One of the challenges for HRDs due to the imposed distances is linked to the way in which the new team management methods will be applied, especially remotely.

Companies have had to restructure their policies so that employee roles can be developed through virtual platforms. The leaders of the future will have digital skills.

HR news in 2021

The integration strategy has also undergone changes. Here, artificial intelligence will be implemented to categorize data and help increase productivity. Artificial intelligence helps talent management professionals recruit with the ability to analyze, predict, and diagnose behaviors.

Another novelty in human resources management for next year will have to do with consolidating the employee experience. Experts assure that this will be the tangential axis of any organization. What does it mean? That he will try to improve the employee experience in the company. And that’s because happy employees are not only synonymous with healthy people, but also more productive, loyal to the company, committed to long-term global goals, and willing to stay for extended periods.

Likewise, he will bet on Big Data. One of its uses will be to prevent employees from wanting to leave the company. Thanks to the data, it will be possible to know what are the motivations of workers to stay in the company.

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