What’s new in Microsoft Edge for December

Like every month, the Microsoft Edge team worked on different fronts to improve navigation. We are going to see the most important areas so that you know the news available in Edge Canary that should reach the rest of the users in the months to come.

What’s new in Microsoft Edge Canary in December

You already know that this news is written, as well as in video format. For those of you who don’t have a lot of time to read things, you have a 10 minute video summary. First, we have the resource savings.

By saving resources, the resource consumption of those tabs that we are not using is eliminated. This saves our precious RAM resources instead of wasting them on open tabs.

Additionally, we can configure how long it takes before leaving tabs in this state. We have shown you the system area from which you can configure it at any time.

On the other hand, we have the new Microsoft Edge themes. The browser already had themes in the Edge and Google extensions store. This is a series of color themes that apply instantly and change the color of the browser. Very simple to use and very easy to configure to our liking.

And we end up talking about groups of tabs. Very useful for those who work on two things at the same time and like to organize the different areas well. With this function, we can group the tabs and give them a name or a color that surrounds them. This way, it is much easier to tell them apart and find out if they match the group we have been working with.

Small but noticeable improvements coming to Microsoft Edge. In the coming days, we’ll help you better manage your passwords and keep them secure with Microsoft Authenticator. Something that will change the way you work with your passwords.

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