What’s next in the games? This would be the upcoming Xbox event

The Xbox team has been working tirelessly lately. The addition of new titles to Game Pass such as Outriders and MLB: The Show have made the Game Pass service even stronger. In addition, there was an event [email protected] in March, where dozens of indie games aired on Twitch.

Yes, we regret not having informed you of this news, but sometimes we do not have time for more. Meanwhile, it looks like the Xbox team is planning a new event as reported by Mary Jo Foley.

Microsoft is preparing a new Xbox event

The news follows Microsoft’s announcement of Build 2021, the big developer conference, scheduled for May 25-27. So the next event would emerge, as a series of smaller virtual events under the prefix “What’s Next”, a dedicated games event will be included. It wouldn’t be the next Game Stack Live event, scheduled for April.

The idea is very simple, complete the large Microsoft events with other small virtual events under the prefix that we indicated earlier. Thus, the “What’s Next for Gaming” event should take place in the coming weeks. The Game Stack Live event also appears on the US company’s events page.

Since this event will be part of the celebrations around Microsoft Build, it is unlikely that we will see any announcements of new games. What we can expect are new features and technologies that Microsoft is working on. With the aim of improving the development and the technologies involved. We got to see previews of new graphics technology and features for future versions of the Xbox Toolset. As well as the functionality of the Xbox platform in general.

At other times, Microsoft made announcements for Windows or Xbox users during the build. It would not be surprising that this year the new version of Xbox Game Pass accessible from browsers is presented, the arrival on televisions or the confirmation on the acquisition of Discord.

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