WhatsApp for Windows already works with third-party stickers

WhatsApp Desktop for Windows has been updated to version 2.2049.8.0. This is still a version of WhatsApp Web but they have incorporated some details. But, it still couldn’t be seen as a simple bridge between Windows and our smartphone.

WhatsApp for Windows is updated to version 2.2049.8.0

Let’s see what news the WhatsApp team has been working on. A small step towards using this massive application. Those at Menlo Park continue to work to integrate all of their services.

Sticker Packs – WhatsApp Desktop now syncs the third party sticker packs we have on our smartphone. Bug fixes and various improvements.

As we have already noted, this is a minor update. Facebook has long been said to run on a native WhatsApp app in Windows 10, but neither this one nor the iPad seem to appear. We will see if 2021 brings us any interesting news on WhatsApp or if on the contrary they keep up the slow pace of the news.

Meanwhile, other services like Telegram or Teams are trying to attract users. The reality is that neither service can outshine WhatsApp, which maintains its hegemony.

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