WhatsApp is preparing to support multiple devices

WhatsApp here, WhatsApp there … WhatsApp is even in the soup in recent days following its modification of the terms and conditions of use which has caused so much controversy. However, today it’s a novelty for something different and in high demand by users: multi-device support.

One of the most requested features of the king of instant messaging

One of the main criticisms of WhatsApp regarding its competitors (like Telegram) is the inability to use it on different devices independently. To be able to use WhatsApp on a PC or Mac, we have to use the desktop application or WhatsApp Web, which work through the link with our phone.

Currently, we may have multiple devices associated with the same session that originated from our phone. This way, if, for example, our phone turns off, we will not be able to continue using WhatsApp on our PC. On the other hand, when multi-device support arrives, we can start different sessions on both devices.


As we see in the screenshots provided by WABetaInfo, the interface of the WhatsApp Web section of the application changes in Beta to adapt the terminology to cross-device support. Thus, we will stop talking about “peripherals with open sessions” to talk about “peripherals”. This is a simple cosmetic change, but it advances the arrival of a feature that we have been waiting for a long time and that should be very close.

Will a WhatsApp UWP app make it to Windows 10?

In addition, with regard to Windows users, we would like to recall a news published specifically by WABetaInfo in May 2019 and which we echoed: WhatsApp was working on a UWP application for Windows 10. At the time, the site specializing in the news of the world’s most famous messaging app said that this app will arrive at the end of 2019. However, we all know today that this was not the case and we thought they could have decided to cancel development.

Multi-device support could have been one of the main drawbacks in developing such a universal WhatsApp app. Not more technically, but in relation to the feeling that it would have been necessary to create a native application for Windows if it had a dependency on the phone. Additionally, recently colleagues from Aggiornamenti Lumia posted a tweet along with a screenshot of a new UWP messaging app and invited us to guess what it is. As a guide, they add in a subsequent tweet that this is not a Microsoft app, which allows us to remove options like Skype, Teams, or Messages.

Guess the (new) app 😁

– Aggiornamenti Lumia (@ALumia_Italia) December 21, 2020

This would be great news for Windows 10 users in the midst of a transition period that appears to have web apps as a benchmark. This is precisely why we are skeptical that WhatsApp has decided to create a native application for Windows and be able to continue with a web application. However, we think the clues and the timing are strong enough to share them and have your opinion. What do you think?

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