WhatsApp Web Stops Working on Old Microsoft Edge

A few months ago, the software giant decided to renew the Microsoft Edge browser by changing the engine and making the jump to Chromium. This way, Google Chrome and Windows 10’s default browser were on par. However, the update continues to arrive in a phased manner for users, and apps like WhatsApp Web have already decided to put the old browser on hold.

Users who have not yet upgraded to the new Microsoft Edge will see the popular messaging app no ​​longer supported. In this way, WhatsApp Web users will have to access the Microsoft Store app, update the browser, or use a third-party browser (for example, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

WhatsApp Web will work with Microsoft Edge 80 or higher

Users who attempt to access WhatsApp Web using the old Microsoft Edge browser will receive a notification that they will need to update the software. For the mail service to work, we will need to have version 80 or higher. Specifically, we can read the following in the post:

WhatsApp Web works with Microsoft Edge 80+. To use WhatsApp, update Windows 10 to the latest version of Edge or use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.

Microsoft has announced that it is preparing to withdraw support for the old Microsoft Edge throughout 2021, so it’s common for companies to adapt to this change. In addition, the new browser continues its deployment process through Windows Update and is integrated with Windows 10 20H2, so users will not need to take any action.

In addition, the Redmonds have also started the transition from Internet Explorer 11 blocking certain company services. Starting in March 2021, users will see the new browser open automatically when they navigate to unsupported sites.

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