When do communities propose to abandon the mask abroad?

Updated: Friday 04 June 2021 19:54

Posted: 04.06.2021 19:53

As the coronavirus pandemic subsides in Spain, the idea of ​​saying goodbye to the mask outdoors is starting to gain strength.

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, raised the possibility of relaxing its mandatory use in open spaces in mid or late June. “If the evolution continues to be current and people understand that measures must be respected, its implementation could be feasible in mid or end of June,” he said.

Galicia: in July or August

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, president of the Xunta de Galicia, was the first to suggest the possibility of not using the mask outdoors. In mid-May, he announced that in his community, it would be July or August. In this sense, he asks “to homogenize” the criteria of the decision throughout the country and considers “inappropriate” to require it in the rural world. The Galician president justifies that while walking in a street or a track, it is possible to cross “two or three people” with whom one can stand a few meters.

Castile-La Mancha: in July

For his part, Emiliano García Page, president of Castilla La-Mancha announced that his government’s goal is for the mask to cease to be compulsory outside in July. “We are under a firm obligation to eliminate the mask in July with the national consistency that characterizes it,” he said. Specifically, Castilla-La Mancha is setting the deadline for the measure to apply in early July, although they will try to do so in June.

Madrid: end of June

In Madrid, they hope to be able to do without the outdoor mask at the end of June. This was stated by Madrid’s Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero. However, Escudero also demanded that this be done at the same time in all Autonomous Communities: “The Ministry -of Health- should seek a time when the degree of vaccination of all Spaniards is at the same level.”

In this regard, the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, pronounced this Friday: “If the vaccination progresses and that the pandemic is under control, it is not excluded that within a not too long period one can envisage to the stranger to stop using it. “

Murcia: in July

The president of the region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, is considering that the mask could be removed outside during the month of July. Like Madrid, Murcia also requests that the measure be applied at the same time throughout the country. “If this decision is made, and even more so if there are no closures, it must be a decision of the country. It makes no sense that in an autonomous community the non-use of the mask is prohibited and in another yes, ”said the Murcian. the president responded.

Aragon: in a few weeks

Aragon announces that the mask could be removed in open spaces “in a few weeks”. In the words of the director general of public health of the government of Aragon, Francisco Javier Falo, the average will be applied “if the evolution of the epidemic continues to be favorable” because there are more and more “people vaccinated “and” the possibility of contagion is very reduced in front of the interiors “.

Comunitat Valenciana: “Sooner rather than later”

Ximo Puig, president of the Valencian Community, defends that the mask can be put aside in natural open spaces “as soon as possible”. In this regard, he underlines that in other places “it is essential” because “there is not yet enough immunity”.

Cantabria asks to go “jubilate” the mask

Revilla undertakes to “remove” the mask, but “all to one” and according to the experts. “It’s already fed up with me and most people, but we’ll have to remove it when they tell us removing it is okay,” Cantabrian President Miguel Ángel Revilla said. “If some wear it and some don’t, we mix it up and it doesn’t make sense,” he warned.

Andalusia: “Don’t touch”

Junta de Andalucía Health Minister Jesús Aguirre argues that “it is not time” to discuss the end of the mask. “The mask, after the vaccine, is the most important element when it comes to avoiding infections”, he argues while asking, in an act of the SER chain, not to create “false expectations”.

The Balearic Islands see “reasonable” to remove it

Balearic Infectious Diseases Committee spokesman Javier Arranz deems it “entirely reasonable” to remove the requirement to wear a mask in open spaces this summer. He considers that citizens are increasingly “more protected” and, as a result, can begin to “free themselves” from certain restrictions. However, he specifies: “If everything continues as up to now”.

Castilla y León: “The mask has come to stay”

The Minister of Health of Castilla y León considers that the mask “has come to stay”, especially at specific times as it is demonstrated by the reduction of contagious diseases. Verónica Casado believes that this measure “continues to be useful” and calls for unanimity at the national level on its use.

Navarre calls for caution

Navarre calls for peace and caution to prevent the coronavirus pandemic from rebounding. Asked about the possibility of stopping the use of the mask in open spaces, the Navarrese Minister of Health, Santos Induráin calls for caution. “We will see how the epidemiological indicators evolve with other strains and find out what is happening with other strains in other countries, such as the United Kingdom,” he said.

Euskadi considers it “premature”

The Basque Country qualifies as “premature” to speak of the end of the mask outdoors. This was stated by the Minister of Health, Gotzone Sagardui. “We are still in values ​​that are far from being those we are pursuing,” he said. In this sense, he recalled that wearing a mask is always mandatory because it is “effective”, just like “social distancing, ventilation, hand hygiene and maintaining a minimum of social interactions”.

Extremadura bets on “going little by little”

The president of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, advocates going “little by little to remove the obligatory nature of masks”. However, he argues that it is “absurd that different decisions are made in one place and another”. On the mask, he also defends that “he succeeded in making the flu and bronchitis disappear in children”, so “we would do well to ask ourselves if we should not, during the next winter, see the possibility of using it again “.

Arturias asks not to let your guard down

Asturias consider that the mask is no longer compulsory outside, but does not specify the date and asks for calm. “The fact that just being discussed when we might not have to use the mask at least in open spaces does not mean that we need to gain too much confidence with the virus,” said community vice president Juan Cofiño, in statements collected by The Voice of Asturias.

The decision is up to the government

Despite the plans of the communities, regulating the use of masks is not their exclusive responsibility. Indeed, the obligation to wear a mask abroad is regulated by Law 2/21, of March 29, relating to urgent prevention, containment and coordination measures in the face of the health crisis.

The text specifies that people six years and over must use the mask outdoors, or in closed spaces for public use. In addition, it expressly indicates that “what is established in this law will be applicable throughout the national territory”.

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