When do I get the coronavirus vaccine? These are the age groups and dates by communities

Posted: Friday May 14, 2021 12:40 PM

Vaccination is progressing and several Autonomous Communities have revealed their immediate vaccination plans in relation to age groups. Some jurisdictions have revealed when they will start vaccinating those under 49 and over 50. Several areas have even ventured to set a date for those under 39. These are the areas that have advanced their strategies:

30 to 39 years old

Castilla La-Mancha: last week of June.

Madrid: in July.

Catalonia: from July *.

* The government has stressed the possibility of also starting with those under 30 and up to 16, which is the minimum age set by Health to inoculate the vaccine against the coronavirus.

40 to 49 years old

Andalusia: from June, Asturias: end of June, Balearic Islands: from June, Castilla La-Mancha: beginning of June, Castilla and León: mid-June, Valencian Community: June 17, Catalonia: from July. From June Madrid: From June Navarre: second half of June.

Who gets vaccinated now

Andalusia: under 60 Aragon: under 60 Asturias: over 60 Balearic Islands: over 60 Canary Islands: under 60 Cantabria: under 70 and under 60 Castilla y León: second dose for under 80 years old, first for under 70 Castilla La-Mancha: minors Catalonia: Under 60 years old. Under 60

10 million at the beginning of June, 33 at the end of August

The executive has set a goal of reaching 10 million people vaccinated by the first week of June and hopes to increase that figure to 15 million by the start of the second half of the month. The government plans to vaccinate 23 million citizens between June, July and August and reach 33 million, 70% of the population, by the end of August.

The latest immunization data encourages confidence in the schedule set by the government. The latest data, as of Thursday, indicates that 36.3% of the population received one of the doses, while 16.7% were fully immunized. In absolute numbers, 14,555,552 people received one serum and 6,716,156 received both.

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