When Felipe González, not so long ago, greeted the graces if Catalonia returned to normality

Posted: Friday May 28 2021 3:10 PM

In 2018, former socialist president Felipe González did not see the possibility of pardoning those responsible for the Catalan trial.

As the newspaper’s library notes, in his interview on April 8 of the same year, on the program ‘Salvados’, by Jordi Évole, González was explicitly questioned about his position in the face of a decision which, to date, is still considered by the executive by Pedro Sánchez.

And the ex-president to brandish: “As always, it depends on the framework. Catalonia deserves, if institutionalization and normality are restored, and more serious mechanisms are re-established … would it deserve to pass politically to a different step? And my answer is yes, “he expressed.

Nonetheless, he also criticized the position at the time of Míquel Iceta, head of the former PSC leader in Catalonia, who had openly spoken out in favor of pardon. However, in 2018, those responsible for the trial had not yet been convicted, which is why González criticized Iceta’s opinion: “To speak of pardons before there are convictions is absurd,” he said. -he throws.

In this sense, the former president also defended that, in the wake, he expected Justice to be a “guarantor”, and that they were “politicians convicted of criminal activities, no thoughts “:” People think they are separatists, and this is not true, “he said.

A few statements that contrast with those he made just a few days ago. In this line, interviewed in the program ‘El Hormiguero’, the ex-president showed his negativity in front of the graces: “Under these conditions, I would not give the grace”, he declared. Thus, González argued that, in order to effect forgiveness, “repentance” is essential, which, as he points out, is included in the standard that regulates this practice. “The Constitution does not admit that no one violates it unilaterally,” he concluded.

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