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Posted: Thursday, December 24, 2020 12:56 PM

Vaccination against the coronavirus begins next Sunday across Spain and the Autonomous Communities have already revealed their logistics plans to make the expected moment possible. Although the photo of the first person vaccinated is taken in a residence in Guadalajara, that same day all territories will do the same.

The government and the various regions addressed this issue to the Interterritorial Health Council on Wednesday, after which Illa assured that “the distribution between the autonomous communities will be fair”.

According to the Minister of Health, over the next 12 weeks, 4,591,235 doses of Pfizer will arrive in our country, which will be distributed “equitably between the autonomous communities in relation to the groups at risk who must first receive the vaccine”. We explain the plans for each autonomy to start the vaccination plan.

The community of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has already advanced the details of its vaccination strategy. As the regional executive reported on Wednesday, they will receive the first 1,200 doses on Sunday, with which they will begin to vaccinate in three residences in the capital: Vallecas, Las Azaleas and Parque Almansa.

On Monday, December 28, 48,750 additional doses will be received – and therefore every Monday of the following weeks -, with which the vaccination will be extended to more social health centers. To this end, there are 46 nursing teams composed of two nurses each.

Once vaccination is completed in the 651 social health centers in Madrid, the vaccination of health personnel will begin.

Castilla La Mancha

The first dose of the vaccine against the coronavirus in Spain will be administered this Sunday in Castilla-La Mancha, more precisely in Guadalajara, as laSexta was able to advance and Minister Illa subsequently confirmed during a press conference.

The regional Minister of Health specified that after this “symbolic” start of vaccination for one of the elderly women of the center, it will continue “with all the inhabitants as the protocol indicates”: “Sunday we will have prepared the 450 doses that will arrive on Saturday. All the staff are prepared and the logistics are sufficient to vaccinate the entire residence “.

Those responsible for this vaccination operation will be “the health coordinators and managers of each zone, the primary care staff and the intervention teams of the residences”.

Fernández also pointed out that of the 4.5 million doses of Pfizer that will arrive in Spain over 12 weeks, Castilla-La Mancha will receive more than 219,000 injections which, he says, are “ready” to administer.

Castile and Leon

The Minister of Health of Castile and León, Verónica Casado, indicated that in the region “it will be complex to start vaccinating before Tuesday” and that the doses which will arrive on December 27 will be “testimonies”.

However, Casado detailed that first the first line toilets will be vaccinated and later the rest of the toilets and dependent centers. As he pointed out, vaccination will begin in Palencia due to its epidemiological situation, with the idea of ​​receiving the doses on the 28th and starting to vaccinate on the 29th.


For her part, the director of the Institute of Public Health of Navarre indicated that the goal of vaccination is to reach 90% of the inhabitants, 85% of over 65s and 70% of health personnel.

He specified that it will start at the Residence El Vergel in Pamplona with the interns and professionals working there on December 27. In addition, he ensured that “verbal consent” and written consent will be required for people with functional diversity.

He also clarified that the vaccines in refrigeration can be kept between five and six days and that they will not arrive all together, but “gradually” and “in weekly batches”. As he underlined, everything is planned so that “150 people are vaccinated on Sunday”.


The Andalusian health system is ready to implant the vaccine “from the same day 27”, as assured the Minister of the Presidency, Elías Bendodo, who expects the doses to arrive on the scheduled dates, it that is, December 26.

Andalusia expects to receive 1,980 doses of Pfizer this Sunday and around 190,000 in total. The Council has reached an agreement with Bidafarma for its storage and distribution, since it must be kept at 80 degrees below zero and special refrigerators are needed which will be located in warehouses in Seville and Granada, from where they will be distributed in the eight Andalusian provinces. .

They will be delivered in 45 health centers and 37 hospitals across the community and nursing homes will be reached by mobile health teams. The device has 177 points with 526 nurses assigned to this task. Of these, 73 will be mobile in order to vaccinate all residents of retirement homes and their workers.


The first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine will arrive in Aragon at the Lozano Blesa Clinical University Hospital in Zaragoza, where they will be stored in two freezers capable of storing 360,000 doses in total, in trays of 1,000 units, at -80 degrees, according to community health officials explained.

Each day, information will be established on where the vaccination will be carried out and the number of doses to be administered. They will be administered from Monday to Thursday and on Friday, they will be reserved for the “rescue” of people who could not be vaccinated within the normal timeframe. 11,000 doses will arrive per week and all patients who have received a first dose will already have an appointment for the second.


La Xunta de Galicia reported that the first to be vaccinated, 300,000 people will live in residences. As they explained, only 500 vaccines will arrive next Sunday and will be distributed to a residence in Santiago, the area with the highest incidence.

The second delivery will arrive next Monday with 18,000 doses, which can only be used on Tuesday due to delays in thawing the vaccine.


This Sunday, a “symbolic” shipment of 405 vaccines against the coronavirus will arrive in the Basque Country, according to the Basque government, which details that these doses will arrive “partially prepared” and will be used to vaccinate people admitted to residential centers in the region.

From there, a shipment should arrive every Monday: although Health did not specify how much exactly, the Ministry of Health estimates it will be 16,000 per week, until it reaches 193,050 doses attributed to the region. .

the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands will begin administering the vaccine this Sunday in the centers for the elderly on seven of the eight islands, at an initial rate of 400 daily doses, with the aim of protecting all its inhabitants and workers before the end of January.

The first vaccines will arrive at Tenerife North Airport in a military plane early on Sunday and from there they will be distributed by helicopter to Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro, with the aim that this first day received by 360 residents.


The Principality has prepared all the logistics to start the vaccination: this Sunday, 148 professionals divided into 50 teams, each of which will have a nurse, will begin to vaccinate in Asturian retirement homes and will create a register of vaccinated patients. During the first quarter of the year, they hope to have vaccinated around 150,000 people.


Cantabria will also begin the first phase of its vaccination campaign on Sunday: it includes around 30,000 or 35,000 people among residential users, health and social personnel and non-institutionalized dependents. The community has already organized a mock vaccination to prepare.


Vaccination will begin this Sunday in Catalonia in the 1,408 residences of the territory and around 200,000 doses will arrive which will be intended for both residents and workers, making a total of around 104,000 people, according to the deputy director general of health promotion of the Generalitat, Carmen Cabezas.

The regional Minister of Health indicated that every Monday they would receive 60,000 vaccines and that within three weeks they would give the second doses to patients. In addition, he stressed that the first residences that will receive the vaccines are those that do not have cases of COVID, which are public and that their size is important. The first will be the Feixa Llarga residence in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.


The target population for the first phase of vaccination will be just over 25,000 people, workers and users of retirement homes for the elderly and disabled.

La Rioja

The government of La Rioja has assured that, during the first phase of vaccination, “more than 15,000 Riojans will be vaccinated”.


Health will send this Sunday 67 vials containing 335 doses of the vaccine to the Region of Murcia, which will begin to vaccinate in the residence for the elderly of ‘Mensajeros de la Paz’ in San Pedro del Pinatar and in the center for disabled people of Churra, in Murcia. The Region plans to vaccinate 5% of its population before April 1.

Valencian Community

Vaccination will begin on Sunday in seven residences in the Valencian Community, where the first 800 doses will be administered to users and social health staff. As of Monday, approximately 30,000 weekly doses will begin to be received regularly.

Balearic Islands

The executive of the Balearics argued that this Sunday, around 9:30 am, the first 73,123 doses should arrive in the Balearic Islands in order to start vaccinating the same day.

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