When Russia’s 108 fighter jets equipped with nuclear bombs were to attack America, learn the whole story – when the Soviet Union armed 108 fighter jets for nuclear warfare during NATO exercises of 1983

On September 26, 1983, the computer system of the Soviet Union’s nuclear warning center suddenly received an alert that the United States had fired missiles at their country. At that time Stanislav Petrov, a military officer was on duty. Seeing this message, the ground slid under his feet. He was ordered that if such an alert arises, it should first be reported to the command chief. But a decision made by Petrov saved the whole world from the ravages of nuclear war. Believing this information to be false, he called the duty officer at the military headquarters and complained of a technical flaw in the system. In fact, it was like that. The United States did not launch any missiles that day. Today, 27 years after that incident, a document revealed that in the same year Russia had prepared its 108 fighter jets with nuclear bombs and was ready to attack America.

Russia planted nuclear bombs in 108 fighter jets

Documents recently released by the US State Department show that in 1983 the US-led military alliance, NATO, was waging a real war against the Soviet Union. Many powerful countries of this time, including America, Great Britain, France and Germany, were involved in this exercise called “Able Archer”. Therefore, the Soviet Union also had to prepare for a counterattack. To prevent the attack of enemies from so many different fronts, present-day Russia then equipped its 108 fighters with nuclear bombs and prepared them to retaliate. These ships stationed in Eastern Europe were ready to attack the enemy countries of Russia with blazing nuclear bombs.

Secret document has become public after a long battle

The United States National Security Archives say they had to fight for many years to obtain these documents. It also includes an important 1989 report by Lieutenant General Leonard H. Perototts, who was the intelligence chief of the US Air Force in Europe during the “Able Archer” maneuver. The document was so secret that the Defense Intelligence Agency of America had long claimed that Lieutenant-General Perototes’ memorandum had been lost. However, State Department historians have traced the memo in the US intelligence agency’s CIA archives room. After exhaustion, this file had to be handed over to the National Security Archives.

America was also ready against attack from Russia

Lieutenant General Perototts’ memo shows that US-led NATO also weighed in against these Russian preparations. The two sides were ready to launch a nuclear attack against each other. The American leaders and the ships of the Soviet Union stood ready to attack for 24 hours. America had spared no effort to tease Russia during this time. American bombers were practicing strikes at this time. Their submarines patrolled the territorial waters of the Soviet Union in search of nuclear weapons. This further increased tensions between the two countries.

America was about to launch a nuclear missile at Moscow

The United States has deployed Pershing-2 ballistic missiles to simultaneously attack all naval bases in Russia, including Europe. This missile was able to penetrate its torget located at a distance of up to 1,770 km. A missile capable of carrying an 80 kiloton nuclear warhead had a speed of over 8 Mach. For this reason, Russia did not have a defense system capable of stopping it. The great thing was that Russia was afraid of this missile attack on its capital Moscow.

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