when the second wave gave way to the chaos of perimeter closures

Publication: Wednesday December 30, 2020 6:45 PM

October 2020 started in Spain with a hangover from good September data, but the numbers were quick to skyrocket, even leading to hospital admission records.

This was the moment we fully entered a second wave where the virus was less deadly than in March or April, but hospitals began to be saturated with beds and intensive care.

Many groups of health workers sounded the alarm and at the end of October a new state of alert was declared, but without home confinement. What happened were nighttime restrictions and we started to hear about the curfew in places like colleges.

In addition, the communities were closed. Navarra and La Rioja were the first to be confined to the perimeter, with restrictions on shops and hotels. It has been followed by virtually all communities and provinces, although Madrid continued with its controversial lockdowns by health zones. On the bridges we couldn’t leave our community and Madrid wanted to do it in a different way, closing down for days.

And so we come to November, with numbers rising in a month that has been confirmed as the second month with the most deaths with 9,191 deaths from the coronavirus.

Although at the end of the month there was an improvement, Black Friday left us with images of crowded city centers, as if it was before the pandemic. And we still had the worst: Christmas.

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