“When you’re not used to it, you can’t work like this, hard … Then come the injuries”

Publication: Wednesday, May 26, 2021 12:24 PM

Your outgoing in social networks by Marcos de Quinto. The former Member of Parliament for Citizens published a tweet criticizing Yolanda Díaz, who today had to cancel her work schedule for “health reasons”.

“The thing is, when you’re not used to it, you can’t work like that, bravely, without warming up … Because then the wounds come. Heal yourself, Yolanda!”, A posted De Quinto on his Twitter account.

An answer that scandalized the networks, which were quick to come forward to defend Minister Díaz. Also his colleagues in the executive, like Irene Montero, Minister of Equality. << The problem of the Marcos de Quinto de la vida is not only that they do not like public services and decent work, it is that they have decided to use political violence against women as a tool to stop feminist progress and social justice. Enough already, ”Montero replied.

On the other hand, screenwriter and director Luis Endera called Marcos de Quinto “shit” after his words to Díaz. “A disgusting, slimy and misogynistic pile of garbage. It will never even reach the bottom of a woman’s shoes changing from Spain,” the screenwriter added in his post, visibly indignant.

But the intersection of virtual reproaches did not stop there. Miguel Ángel Peralta, professor-researcher at the Complutense University of Madrid, regarded the comments of the former deputy as “the typical” cuñao “joke of the owner of the farm who arrives on a cognac”. Something De Quinto also wanted to respond to with a tweet: “Of course you, working at the university, with your vacations and your shenanigans, you know very well what it means to work at a high position for 37 years in a North American multinational … with almost no weekend or vacation. “

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