Where Ayuso Sees ‘Everyday Problems’ Health Workers Say Zendal ‘Is Catastrophic’

Publication: Monday January 18, 2021 13:10

Isabel Díaz Ayuso insists on defending the functioning of the Isabel Zendal nursing hospital, which welcomes patients with coronavirus, against the criticisms that have emerged in recent days. He did so during an appearance at the hospital himself, which he visited today.

The president called everything that was happening “everyday problems” that occur in other health centers and accused some “media” and “social media” users of “politicizing everything” and creating controversy.

However, health workers denounced the conditions of the patients and the hospital. In an audio to which laSexta had access, an anguished nurse is heard talking about the Zendal “disaster”: “Guys, it was catastrophic. I wanted to cry …”, she explains, ensuring that the supervisors are overwhelmed and that “the patients do not stop arriving from all the hospitals in the community”.

In addition, patients do not have the minimum necessary privacy: “The patients are in bed, they have neither a sad screen nor a sad curtain”, details the same state of health.

But the truth is that some patients admitted to this hospital have denounced the situation in which they find themselves. Some complaints related, above all, to the food and the cleanliness.

As seen in the video below, a man shows a moldy plate of food. “My first avocado is moldy peas. You move it and it’s not frozen, it’s mold, ”he explains, stirring the contents of the plate with the cutlery.

However, this is not the only complaint that has been made by patients. A woman recounted the bad experience she had in the center, which she does not consider as a hospital, but as a simple “structure where hygiene is lacking”. Certain sectors of the building, according to a video broadcast on the networks, have spent more than six hours without electricity and denounce the lack of cleanliness in the bathrooms which due to a “defect” of manufacture, he says, are ” abnegated “.

Faced with this situation, the regional president assures us that it is “the safest hospital there is for health professionals and patients”. “It is the hospital with the most patients in the Community of Madrid, but the political campaign darkens everything,” he said at a press conference at the same health center.

Díaz Ayuso also referred to health workers, encouraging them to “collaborate” and go to work in this pandemic hospital, which “is the safest”. He did so after it was made public that the Community of Madrid has ordered not to rehire workers who refuse to work at nurse Isabel Zendal.

In this regard, a health worker, Víctor Aparicio, assured that the said sanction only benefits “private companies”, because if the door to the public system is closed, it only benefits private companies.

Likewise, he called for the criticism to stop because, in his opinion, it “scares” the admitted patients and their families. “Patients spend the day with social networks, which crush people, and it is unfair to create a state of depression”, he condemned in this regard.

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