Where China Leads: Celebrating the Centenary of Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping

China is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party today. Chinese President Xi Jinping praised the holiday at a grand ceremony held in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Jinping, who serves as the party’s secretary general, forgot to inform the people that this is the same place where 32 years ago today, unarmed Chinese civilians were shot at tanks in the request of the Communist Party. China has made a lot of progress since the declaration of independence in 1948, but there are many areas where China is still at the bottom.

China follows the opposite ideology to that of India
India and China declared independence about a year apart. Since then, India has had a democratic regime, while China has followed a rigid communist ideology. Since China’s independence, the Communist Party has done what it wants by stifling the voice of the people. Workers have been exploited, other religions especially Islam have been oppressed, millions of people have been killed by the Cultural Revolution in Tibet, these are the names of the Chinese Communist Party.

Where is China leading the way?
Population: China ranks first in the world in terms of population. The current population of China is over one billion and forty million. After that comes the number for India. It is believed that in the next few years India will overtake China in this matter.

Exports: China is also the world leader in terms of exports. China exports 2,600 billion dollars (Rs 19,34,28,30,00,00,000) every year. After that, America is in second place. The United States exports $ 1,431.64 billion annually.

Military spending: China ranks second in terms of military spending. China spends $ 252 billion on its military every year. America is leading in this area. The annual military spending of the United States is $ 778 billion. India’s annual military spending is just $ 72.9 billion.

Broadband: Fixed broadband connections in China are the highest in the world. The total number of broadband connections in China is 449 million.

Mobile users: China has the largest number of mobile users in the world. Their number is over 1.8 billion.

Workers: The number of workers in China is much higher than in any other country in the world. Large numbers of Chinese workers also travel to the Gulf countries to find work. The total number of human workers in China is 771.3 million.

Where has China failed?
Internet Freedom: Even after having the highest broadband connection in the world, people here do not have Internet freedom. The Chinese can see on the Internet what the government wants to show them. Not only that, many popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are also banned in China.

Human Development Index: China is also lagging behind in raising the standard of living of its people. China is ranked 85th in the Human Development Report of the United Nations Human Development Program. Income inequality is at its peak in China. In addition, women face discrimination based on sex. Life expectancy, education or even access to knowledge are not universal in China.

Greenhouse gas emissions: China, which describes itself as the most powerful country in the world, also leads in terms of pollution. Each year, China emits 12.5 million kilotons of Co2 gas.

Death penalty: China is also the best performer when it comes to the death penalty. In China, so many people are sentenced to death every year that their data is withheld for fear of discredit.

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