Where does gold come from: where does gold come from on earth

The price of gold is very high in our life. He has many roles in the global economy of medical science. Especially in India, it is associated with customs. One of the main reasons behind this is that gold is a rare metal. Do you know how gold is made? Where is it on our earth and how did it get there? For centuries research has been going on around him and in the end such a story came out which makes this golden gift more special.

How much gold on earth?

Like other heavy metals, gold is also very rare on earth. According to a report from ‘Astronomy’, if gold mined throughout human history is placed in a solid cube, then its end will be 70 feet. It will be around 1.83 lakh ton which may seem high but it is not a lot depending on the land. Due to the concentration, approximately 1.6 quadrillion tons of gold are deposited in the core of the Earth. The report quotes Australian geologist Bernard as saying that 99% of the world’s gold is buried several miles below us. If it is spread all over the earth, it will form a layer only 16 inches high.

gold found on the sun

The story of how gold reached Earth gained momentum in 1868. Astronomers first discovered helium in the sun during a total solar eclipse using the spectroscopy. After that, carbon, nitrogen, iron and heavy metals were discovered in the sun’s atmosphere, including gold. Subsequent research revealed that there is 2.5 trillion tonnes of gold on the sun. Even if all the oceans on earth were filled, they would remain. Now the curiosity has started to increase about the question of how did the gold reach the earth? The answer was hidden in Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

Einstein’s theory showed the way

Sir Arthur Eddington of the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, UK, has suggested that the fusion of hydrogen and helium could be the cause of the sun’s energy. Einstein’s theory also proved that a huge amount of energy would also be released in such a process. In this way, stars like the sun will continue to burn and radiate energy. When a star is at the end of its life, its core collapses and a supernova explosion occurs. The outer layers of the star extend into space and during this the neutron capture reaction takes place. Most of the elements heavier than iron come from it. However, gold is not produced from them.

How to make gold

In 2017, when the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detected gravitational waves originating from the twisting of space-time. Reports revealed that these waves were produced due to the collision of two neutron stars. At the same time, researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Astronomy discovered strontium in space. These and other elements arose from the neutron capture reaction. They were traveling through space with such a high neutron density that free neutrons began to join with the elements. Thus were born strontium, thorium, uranium and our most important – gold.

Since the formation of our universe, there have been many collisions of this type and they spilled gold in space which reached our earth. That is, gold is special not only because it is rare on Earth, but also because it descends directly from the stars to the ground.

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