Where Iglesias, Ayuso, Gabilondo and the rest of the Madrid election candidates vote

This Tuesday, May 4, more than 4,700,000 Madrilenians are called to the polls (300,000 other voters are abroad, according to INE data), to elect the new president of the Community of Madrid.

The dynamics on polling day will be similar to that experienced almost three months ago in Catalonia: it is recommended to consult the section and the table before arriving at the polling station, to bring the prepared vote from home and to adjust to the hours fixed for each population group. (From 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for those over 65 and from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for those showing symptoms of coronavirus or confirmed illness, according to the Community of Madrid on its website).

On the other hand, to avoid crowds in this pandemic situation, other spaces have been set up outside schools where it is also possible to vote, such as sports halls, cultural centers or multipurpose rooms, like this. occurred in Catalonia. Therefore, the center where everyone has to vote may have changed compared to the last time they voted in Madrid. This, logically, concerns us all, from ordinary citizens to the candidates for the presidency of the Community themselves, who will vote in person on May 4th.

Below we explain in which center and at what time the leaders of the main political parties that stand for the 2021 Community of Madrid elections will cast their ballots.

Angel Gabilondo (PSOE)

The leader of the Madrid PSOE, Ángel Gabilondo, will vote on May 4 at the Joaquín Turina school, as in the last elections to the Community of Madrid. The precise time at which the Socialist candidate will vote is unknown, but the party’s press service informs LaSexta that it will be early in the morning.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso (PP)

The favorite in the polls, People’s Party candidate Isabel Díaz Ayuso will not vote at the IES Lope de Vega school in the capital, as she did in the last regional elections. This May 4, he will vote at the La Inmaculada-Marillac school, located near the center of Madrid.

Pablo Iglesias (United We Can)

In the 2019 general elections, while he was a candidate for the presidency of the central government, Pablo Iglesias voted, at 9.45 a.m., at La Navata public school, in Galapagar, and in these regional elections he will vote again at the same school.

Mónica García (More Madrid)

The candidate of More Madrid for the regional elections of May 4, Mónica García, voted these elections by correspondence. Specifically, he voted at the post office located in Madrid’s La Latina neighborhood.

Edmundo Bal (Citizens)

Edmundo Bal, candidate of the Orange Party in the elections to the Community of Madrid, will vote on the morning of Tuesday, May 4 at the Alfredo Krauss Cultural Center, located in the Madrid district of Fuencarral – El Pardo

Rocío Monasterio (VOX)

Vox, whom the latest polls predict as the fourth political force, preferred not to reveal when and where Rocío Monasterio will vote. The party considers that this information is “likely to generate any type of problem or discomfort” for the candidate.

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