Where is Sita Mata imprisoned in Lanka, why is the stone brought from Ayodhya? – the stone of sita eliya in sri lanka will be used in the construction of the temple of the ram in ayodhya, know the secret places of ramayana

In the midst of the construction of the great Ram temple in Ayodhya, Sita Eliya from Sri Lanka will bring a stone to the birthplace of Lord Rama. It is said that the stones of this mythical place will be used in the construction of the temple. Sita Eliya is where Mata Sita was kept captive by Ravana. The stone was handed over to Sri Lankan Ambassador to India Milinda Maragoda. A temple is also built here in the name of Sita Mata. This temple is famous all over the world as Sita Amman Kovil. Millions of huge Ashoka trees still exist in this region. It is said that for this reason, this region was known as Ashoka Vatika. A river also flows near Sita Eliya, known as Sita. The good thing is that the ground on the other side of this river is yellow while the ground on the other side of the river is black. It is said that since Hanuman was set on fire by Lanka, the ground across the river has turned black. As the Ashoka Vatika area was not damaged by this fire, the ground turned yellow.

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The Pushpak plane had landed in Verangotta

According to religious and mythological beliefs, Ravana Pushpak was taken to Lanka by beating Sita on the plane. Such an airplane is also mentioned in Sinhala Buddhist beliefs. Perhaps the place Ravana landed with Sita carrying a Pushpak plane was Verangotta. Verangotta is located approximately 10 kilometers from Mahiangana, east of Nuwara Eliya Hill Station, in central Sri Lanka.

Mandodari, Ravana’s wife, lived in Gurulupotta

After that, Ravana took Sita to Gurulupotta, now known as Sitakotuva. This is the residence of Ravana’s wife, Mandodari. The distance between Mahiangana and Sitakotuwa is approximately 10 kilometers. It falls on the path of candy lovers. According to beliefs, Sita was kept in a cave, which is at a place called Sita Eliya. There is also a temple dedicated to Sita.

The Rama-Ravana war took place in Yudhaganapitiya

North of Nuwara Eliya is Matale district. Here is a place called Yudhaganapitiya, where a war took place between Rama and Ravana. According to Sinhalese beliefs, Rama shot an arrow at Ravana from a place called Dunuvila, resulting in his death. Apart from these, there is a temple in Chilav where Rama worshiped after the massacre of Ravana.

Hanumanji guarded a mountain from Sanjeevani Booti to Rumasala

The places named Rumasala and Ramboda are related to Hanuman ji. It is believed that during the war in Lanka, when Hanuman ji brought Sanjeevani Booti, ​​he guarded the mountain in Rumasala. Ramboda is famous for its huge waterfalls and there is a Hanuman ji temple.

Lord Ram and Vibhishan statue built in Kelani

There is a statue at Kelani near Colombo, in which Rama is shown handing over the reign of Lanka to Vibhishan after the victory. Apart from these, many places associated with the history of Ramayana have been selected by the Sri Lanka Ministry of Tourism. These are also the places where Ravana planned the war.

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