where is the burqa prohibited: Where are the burqa bans in the world: ban on wearing the burqa not only in Sri Lanka these countries of the world

Sri Lanka is preparing to ban the burqa to fight against religious fundamentalism. Sri Lankan Minister of Public Safety Sarath Verasekera even described Burke as a symbol of religious frenzy. Verasekera said he signed a bill for cabinet approval. The bill calls for prohibiting Muslim women from wearing burqas for reasons of national security. If this bill is passed by Cabinet, the Parliament of Sri Lanka can legislate on it. Since the enactment of this law, Sri Lanka will become the first country in Asia where the wearing of the burqa will be banned. China also has such a law, but it is only partially implemented in Xinjiang.

Burqa ban in many European countries
Many countries in Europe have a partial or total ban on wearing the burqa. This includes the Netherlands, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. Recently, Germany, France and Denmark have announced the imposition of many other sanctions due to fundamentalism. Switzerland had also requested an opinion on the ban on the burqa by referendum. In this referendum, more than 51% of the population voted in favor of banning the burqa.

In the Netherlands, if you cover your face, you can be fined up to 130 euros (Rs 13,033). This restriction applies not only to the burqa, but also to any clothing that can cover the face. Therefore, face-covering helmets and dance ballets are also prohibited in the Netherlands. Balaclavas are often used by commandos to cover the face. However, this restriction is reserved for the general public.

Now Sri Lanka will also ban the burqa, close more than 1,000 Islamic schools
In Denmark, the full face mask is banned from August 1, 2018. The Danish Parliament adopted this law in May 2018. For this, during the vote in Parliament, 75 deputies voted against and 30 deputies voted against. A person who breaks this law can be fined 135 euros (Rs 11,729). However, there is also a provision for many other punishments for those who do it over and over again.

In 2017, Austria made facial covering in the country illegal. This law provides that no man or woman can cover their face from chin to hair. There is also a prison provision with a fine of 150 euros for this.

Like the Netherlands, Bulgaria implemented the burqa ban in 2016. If someone breaks it, they can be fined up to 750 euros. However, it exempts those who work in dust or mud or in the open air, gamers, and those who pray in homes.

Belgium has publicly banned the burqa since July 2011. Anyone breaking the law can be fined or imprisoned for up to seven days. However, this ban affects very few people. In Belgium, only 300 Muslims out of 10,000 wear burqas or niqabs.

France was the first European country to have a law banning the burqa in April 2011. However, this law has only been implemented in a few states and not in all of France. There is no reference to a particular religion in this law to avoid allegations of discrimination. He says that in public places, people cannot wear cloth that completely covers their face.

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