Where the mask should be used outdoors and where not

Publication: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 09:43

The Ministry of Health will bring this Wednesday to the Autonomous Communities a project in which changes are planned in the controversial rule published last week, which established the use of the mask as mandatory in all types of outdoor spaces.

However, this new text, to which laSexta had access, highlights a series of exceptions to what was published at the BOE a few days ago, for which a use similar to that established in its first texts, belonging to the decree of the state of alarm.

Cases in which the use of the mask is mandatory

By walking in the entrances to beaches, lakes and other natural environments By walking along the seaside and other aquatic environments In the changing rooms of public or community swimming pools, except in showers Indoors or in the ‘outside hospitality establishments, except for eating or drinking in areas such as public streets and other commercial environments.

Cases in which the mask is not mandatory

According to this health project, certain exceptions are envisaged in which it is not necessary to use this type of protection, as long as the minimum safety distance of 1.5 meters is respected:

When swimming in the sea, lakes or reservoirs, rivers or other natural aquatic spaces or in outdoor or indoor pools. Durante la práctica de deporte en el medio acuático, sea éste natural or artificial.En los períodos de descanso (por ejemplo, tomar el sol en la arena) antes o después del baño or la práctica de deporte en el medio acuático, en el entorno of the same. In the case of the beach, only when you are resting at a fixed point, respecting the distance from people who do not live together. In the case of indoor swimming pools, the rest period will only be understood as being strictly necessary between activity intervals, nor will first aid or rescue activities require the mask in an aquatic environment. When you eat and drink in authorized places. When it comes to playing a sport individually in the open air when, by the very nature of the activity, it is incompatible.

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