Where was Corona born? WHO team arrived in Wuhan to investigate, China has been quarantined – which team is arriving in Wuhan to investigate the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic, China has quarantined scientists for 14 days

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The Chinese team quarantined for 14 days to arrive in Wuhan to investigate the origin of the crown. Only 13 scientists from the 15-member WHO team arrived in Wuhan, 2 corona reports became positive only 15 days later, scientists will be able to start the investigation properly, the results But doubt is expressed in this moment
The World Health Organization team has reached the city of Wuhan in China to discover the origin of the corona virus. These scientists were quarantined for 14 days upon arrival in China. Two scientists from this 15-member team were arrested after arriving with the positive Corona report in Singapore. However, a year later, countries around the world still expressed doubts about any major disclosures by visiting scientists. At the same time, corona cases have increased rapidly in China in recent times.

Scientists quarantined upon arrival in China
The WHO said in a tweet that an international team of 13 scientists investigating the origin of the virus responsible for Kovid-19 arrived in Wuhan, China today. The experts will immediately start their work and finish it by following the rule of two weeks of stay in isolation for international travelers. Two scientists are still in Singapore undergoing Kovid-19 tests. Prior to the visit of all team members, there were several PCR and antibody tests in their home country, which reported negative.

Two scientists are under investigation
The tweet said both of these scientists were re-examined in Singapore and none of the infections were confirmed in the PCR investigation. But two members reported positive IgM antibodies. Its IgM and IgG antibodies are under review.

Two limbs were found infected with the crown
The Wall Street Journal wrote that the two experts had not left the selection process and were not allowed to travel to China. Chinese officials involved in the selection process have reportedly banned two members of the delegation from boarding their flight to Wuhan. Both tested positive for anti-Kovid-19 antibodies during a blood test in Singapore.

China defended itself again
In Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian defended not allowing the two scientists to travel, saying epidemic and control regulations would be strictly followed. In response to a question asked about this during a press briefing, he said that we will help and facilitate the travel of WHO experts to China.

The investigation will begin after quarantine for 14 days
During a 14-day quarantine in China, 13 experts will interview people from research institutes and hospitals, and also interact with people from the market for marine organisms and animals associated with the initial outbreak of infection. . The WHO team includes viruses and other experts from the United States, Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Russia, the Netherlands, Qatar and Vietnam.

New wave of Corona in China indignant, ban from Beijing to Beijing
The first case of Corona was found in Wuhan itself
The Corona virus infection was first discovered in the city of Wuhan in December 2019 and then engulfed the world. According to the National Health Commission of China (NHC), the WHO team will complete the isolation process according to the country’s guidelines for controlling the outbreak before starting labor. NHC officials told media in Beijing on Wednesday that the origin of the virus was a scientific question and suggested that experts also travel to other countries. Questions were also raised regarding the late authorization of the WHO team’s tour.

China continues to reject Wuhan theory
China has continuously disputed claims regarding the introduction of the virus into Wuhan. China has consistently rejected the idea that the corona virus has been introduced to the Wuhan animal market. The animal meat market has been closed in Wuhan since the start of last year.

First death from coronavirus in China after eight months, cases escalate, province heading towards lockdown
China wants to help the WHO
Chinese CDC deputy director Fang Jijian said he had no answers to questions about the carrier of the corona virus or how the virus passed from animals to humans. He said Chinese medical experts would help WHO experts in an effort to find the source of the virus. Feng said China called for coordinated research by the international community into the virus. When the WHO team arrives in Wuhan, Chinese experts will work closely with them.

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