“Whether he should return or not, the Royal House must respond”

Updated: Friday, December 11, 2020 12:54 PM

Published on: 12.11.2020 12:26

Pedro Sánchez points the finger at the Royal House when asked for the latest information from the King Emeritus. “These are questions which will have to be put to the Royal House as an institution different from the executive power. Whether it is to return or not, the Royal House must answer,” said the Prime Minister of Brussels.

However, Sánchez calls to “respect the presumption of innocence” of the king emeritus and recalls that Don Juan Carlos has no cause opened by justice. “He is a person who, when he published a letter saying he was leaving the country, said expressly that if justice demanded his presence, he would come back,” he told media.

Sánchez considers that “the explanations are given with the facts” and defends that “King Felipe VI has transferred an image of exemplarity and transparency since the beginning of his reign”. “More than with words, the facts also show what is the way of understanding and exercising the public life of the current head of state. Which I appreciate”, added the chief executive , who insists “democracy works”.

Sánchez emphasizes once again that “institutions are not judged, people are judged”. “The Crown is not judged, the former head of state is tried. As the judiciary is not judged, a judge is tried. This is the spirit of the Constitution,” he added. .

The Prime Minister stressed that “as long as he is at the head of the government, the Constitution will be applied and it will be respected in our country, from the first to the last article” and defended the Constitution and the parliamentary monarchy.

Sánchez also spoke, without naming her, of Díaz Ayuso’s defense of the King Emeritus in the Assembly in Madrid. “King Juan Carlos has no more or less obligations or rights than other citizens. He has the same fiscal obligations. I say this through the statements of a regional leader.”

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