Which community is leading the recruitment for this campaign?

Hiring on Black Friday by autonomy: which community is leading the recruitment for this campaign?

We have experienced the worst health crisis in recent history and there are many economic and social consequences that this year leaves behind. Unemployment data in recent months has not been positive, due to the second wave of infections, the new state of alert and the tightening of restrictions in our country and those in our environment. But little by little the activity of our labor market is reactivated.

November brings one of the most powerful recruiting drives of the year. It is only recently that fashions like Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday (both of American origin) have started to permeate our country, and their impact has been such as mass consumption and sectors such as logistics and distribution are already designing campaigns. related to them, for example in the area of ​​staff expansion.

This year, the Black Friday campaign – which lasts in Spain for several days or even weeks – will be atypical due to the health crisis experienced, but despite the fall of certain key sectors of our country such as hotels and tourism, others like Electronic commerce is causing a reactivation of the labor market.

This is why Adecco, the world leader in human resources management, predicts that in these last weeks of the month and linked to the Black Friday discounts, more than 184,000 jobs will be generated across the country, i.e. the same number of one year ago. In the Community of Madrid, it is expected that a total of 32,300 hires will take place in the region, being the second autonomous region in job creation, and the first if the provinces are taken into account.

Sectors related to e-Commerce, mass consumption and its auxiliary industry (including high perfumery, cosmetics, electronics, telephone, toys, images, sound, etc.), food, distribution, retail, logistics, transport and textile industry, among others, is the one that will create the most jobs today.

Additionally, while the campaign is short-lived, many of these hires will be extended throughout the Christmas hiring period and even sales.

As for the most sought-after profiles, they will be those related to e-Commerce: servers, order pickers and housings.

Ecommerce creates jobs on Black Friday

Increasingly, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday campaigns represent a significant rebound in employment and it is traditionally the FMCG sector and areas of customer service or sales force that generate the more jobs. However, in this very atypical year, there were sectors that saw their hires pick up in order to meet the increase in demand, as happened in the distribution, e-Commerce sector, technology or logistics and transport. These sectors will be the ones that generate the most jobs in this campaign, not to mention that the business will continue to hire as well, but at a slower pace.

It is necessary to underline the phenomenon of e-Commerce, which is growing at a dizzying pace with COVID-19, and which has led to a 30% increase in hiring compared to last year, particularly in the logistics sector and transport, derived from high sales during the months of confinement and which is already a constant in Spanish consumption habits.

All of these sectors will continue to demand labor in the coming months as they are essential industries and furthermore in many cases consumption patterns have been generated which will continue over time until ‘until the “normality” until they will remain permanently incorporated when this situation passes.

The rise of e-Commerce is closely linked to the logistics and transport sector, as well as to distribution and retail, which is why these areas will be the main beneficiaries of this campaign.

If we talk about the most demanded profiles, not only will staff be needed for physical stores, as in previous years, but, thanks to online commerce, the incorporation of workers intended for the preparation and distribution of orders has been strengthened.

Profiles such as packers or order pickers are now moving from stores to logistics platforms: the situation remains the same, but it is happening elsewhere.

Distribution and retail occupy a large part of the jobs generated at this time. The demand for cashiers, inventors, clerks, replenishers or warehouse workers is increasing dramatically among companies in this industry.

And while distribution and retail pull the car, logistics and transportation go hand in hand. The jobs that this sector needs most to fill are those related to the last mile: porters, order pickers, storekeepers, delivery men, assistants and, as has been the case for years, cart drivers.

As this is such a short duration campaign, previous experience plays a very important role for job seekers as the learning curve is minimal and they can adapt effectively to the pace of change. campaign.

The star communities of the campaign

The regions where the largest increases are expected in terms of staff hiring are those where the large logistics centers and e-commerce operators are located, as well as the regions where mass consumption is a core business (centralization of large retail space, distribution, etc.).

Focusing on the total number of contracts, we see that Catalonia, with 32,800 new jobs, the Community of Madrid, with more than 32,300, and the Valencian Community, where it is expected to exceed 22,800 contracts, are the three autonomous regions that will make the most recruitments in terms of the regional distribution of the campaign.

The Region of Murcia and Andalusia are the next two communities, with the lowest volume of contracts, although also very positive: 20,200 in the case of Murcia and more than 17,600 in the case of Andalusia. They close the top 5 regions with the highest number of contracts and also complete the group of autonomous regions where the number of jobs exceeds 5 digits.

Behind them, at a great distance, appear the Basque Country and Castilla y Len, both exceeding 8,000 contracts. Immediately after, there are other regions which have about 7,000 jobs. These are Galicia and the Canary Islands. Even if the archipelago does not see its contracts increase so much because of the direct Black Friday campaign but because of a slight reactivation of the tourism sector and a preparation for the Christmas campaign.

Castilla-La Mancha, Aragn, Cantabria and Navarra are placed below. In the first case, it should reach 6,100 new hires, in the second 5,700 jobs, and for the Cantabrian and Navarrese communities, 4,800 contracts in both cases.

Already at the bottom of the ranking are Asturias (1,700), La Rioja, with 1,400 new jobs, the Balearics, almost a thousand, and, finally, Extremadura, with only 600 contracts planned for these weeks, even if it will continue to be in these regions a campaign similar to that of 2019.

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