Which coronavirus vaccine is best in India? Moderna, Pfizer, Sputnik … know which corona vaccine is best for India

Three “Brahmastras” were prepared after extensive testing to end the corona virus outbreak that has killed more than 1.3 million people worldwide. Two US companies Moderna and Pfizer have said their vaccines have been shown to be over 90% effective against Kovid-19 in the war against Corona. Meanwhile, Russia has also said its vaccine against the corona virus is 92% effective in preventing this outbreak. In this vaccine war, tell us which corona virus vaccine may be most effective for developing countries and poor countries around the world including India ……

94.5% effective against Moderna’s corona vaccine

US drugmaker Moderna has announced that mRNA from its corona virus vaccine was shown to be 94.5% effective in preliminary test data. Moderna’s data also showed its vaccine to be extremely effective even in severe cases of the corona virus. Not only that, the effect of this vaccine has been very effective on all breeders around the world. Moderna has declared it to be over 94% effective after completing clinical trials on around 30,000 volunteers. “The Phase III clinical study has given us positive results and our Kovid-19 vaccine may prove effective in preventing corona,” said Stephen Bansell, CEO of Moderna. The US government has already placed an order for 100 million doses from Moderna. Each person should take two doses of this vaccine every four weeks.

Pfizer’s Corona Vaccine Strongly Influences Trial

Pfizer and BioNTech, another US company, announced that their mRNA-based corona virus vaccine was 90% effective in trials. Ugur Sahin, the billionaire senior scientist on the team that created the vaccine, says the vaccine will hit the virus hard and end the epidemic. However, scientists and even British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have said the vaccine should not be considered a panacea treatment because it has yet to be guaranteed to work. On the other hand, Sahin says full vaccine data may come in three weeks. He said he will be able to stop the Kovid-19 but whether he can stop the transmission or not, the response has not yet been received. Sahin said the vaccine will provide protection for a year and a booster may be needed each year.

Russian Sputnik V vaccine offers 92% protection

On the other hand, Russia, which announced the manufacture of the world’s first corona virus vaccine, said its Kovid-19 vaccine was found to be 92% effective in interim data. Russia made the announcement two days after the announcement by US company Pfizer. The first shipment of Russian corona vaccine Sputnik V has also arrived in India. Recently, pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy’s was granted permission to conduct human trials of the Russian Corona vaccine in India. The Comptroller General of Drugs of India (DCGI) has authorized a Russian vaccine trial at the pharmaceutical company Dr Reddy Laboratories. The phase 3 trial will be conducted on 1,400 people of the vaccine. This vaccine is produced by the Gamalaya Research Institute in Moscow. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has funded research and production of the vaccine. In the phase 2 trial, this vaccine was able to develop immunity within 21 days. According to scientists, immunity doubled with a second vaccine injection.

Moderna, Pfizer, Sputnik … which is better for India

Having become a Kovid-19 vaccine offering over 90% protection against Corona, the question now arises as to which vaccine could prove to be the best for India. The first thing was Pfizer’s Corona vaccine. The Corona virus vaccine from the American company Pfizer has been shown to be effective in providing 90% protection, but it has a major drawback. Pfizer’s corona virus vaccine should be stored at very cold temperatures (minus 70 degrees), which is very rare in developing and poor countries like India. The biggest challenge will be moving this vaccine from one place to another in a country like India.

Modern vaccine can be stored under normal freezing

In contrast, Moderna’s Corona virus vaccine can be stored in a home freezer at a temperature of only minus 20 degrees for 6 months without spoiling. This will allow Moderna’s vaccine to be easily stored in other developing countries, including India. Not only that, this vaccine can also be sent from one place to another using the current cold chain facilities. Moderna also said that its exported corona vaccine can be stored for 30 days at 2-8 degrees in a normal gel for 30 days. Its 10-dose container can also be stored indoors for 12 hours.

Questions about the effects of the Russian vaccine

The Russian Corona vaccine is being tested in many countries, including India, but scientists are raising questions about its effectiveness and side effects. Health officials and experts have said Russia has yet to administer the corona vaccine to a large population except for trials. Even small doses are sent over large areas. The reason for the slowing down of the vaccination campaign is not yet understood. It may also have a limited production capacity behind it. Recently, a batch shipment was sent to only 20 people in an area of ​​2 million people. The Russian Ministry of Health did not disclose the number of people vaccinated in Russia. At the same time, Svetlana Javidova, director of the Association of Clinical Trial Organizations, says that if the production of this vaccine is limited, it is good because it was approved quickly. According to a study published in Lancet in September, this vaccine is safe. This generated a cellular and antibody response, according to phase 1 and phase 2 data.

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