Which employee profile has been most affected by the COVID-19 crisis? Who has been reinforced?

Which employee profile has been most affected by the COVID-19 crisis? Which one has been strengthened?

The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the importance of education and training as key factors in the labor market. According to data from Unemployment, the pandemic has had an asymmetric impact on employment, particularly affecting poorly trained workers in basic occupations.

Under-skilled workers suffered the most from the crisis

As in the 2008 crisis, poorly educated workers were the most affected by the COVID-19 crisis. According to Unemployment data, 90% of workers who lost their jobs in the last year had a low level of education, while 95% worked in a basic occupation. In addition, of the 700,000 people who lost their jobs during COVID-19, 95% were employed in a basic occupation, while 90% had a low level of training.

After the study, it is clear that the crisis particularly hit workers who shared the two characteristics: low education and basic occupation.

Overqualification keeps increasing

On the contrary, we observe an opposite trend in the case of overqualified workers, a group that has grown steadily over the past 12 years, and which now includes 37.7% of Spanish workers, already affecting one in three workers, putting ahead of young people and employees in sectors such as hotels and commerce. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, currently 51.1% of Spanish workers are qualified for their jobs, a lower figure than in the pre-pandemic period (51.3%) and at the end of the previous crisis ( 53%)

Those under 24 are the group that suffers the most from the problem of overqualification, affecting half of workers in this age cohort.

Likewise, overqualification is particularly relevant in activities such as commerce, hospitality or other leisure-related services, where nearly half of workers (46%) have a higher level of education than that theoretically required for the post.

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