which is better gust or typhoon: British typhoon in Iraq wreaks havoc, deadliest Storm Shadow missile fired at ISIS targets – British eurofighter typhoons first used Storm Shadow cruise missiles in iraq

The British Royal Airforce has wreaked havoc with its Typhoon fighter jets at the bases of the feared terrorist organization ISIS. It is the first time that the British Air Force has used the Storm Shadow Cruise, one of the deadliest missiles in the world, in a war. This missile is also known as the Scalp. India also purchased this deadly missile for use in Rafale fighter jets. Many ISIS terrorists hiding in the caves were killed in this missile attack. This attack is said to have been carried out as part of the British Army’s “Operation Shader” against ISIS. The UK Ministry of Defense has confirmed these attacks on terrorists hiding in caves southwest of Irbil, Iraq. The ministry said the Typhoon also fired laser-guided Powe-4 bombs in addition to the Stram Shadow missile. It is said to be the first time that the Typhoon FGF4 fighter plane, one of the best fighters in the world, has fired a Storm Shadow missile during a war. Previously, this missile was used as a primary weapon in the retired British Air Force Tornado GR4 attack aircraft.

ISIS terrorists could not escape the shadow of the storm

Iraqi security forces have detected the presence of large numbers of ISIS militants in a cave in Irbil. After that, on March 10, the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service monitored the entire area to ensure that no ordinary citizens were present in the area. When all information was received, the British Air Force chose the Storm Shadow missile as the most suitable weapon to attack these terrorists on March 11. The attack was ordered by two Typhoon FGR4 fighters stationed at the British Air Force RAF Akrotiri base based in Cyprus. After that, these fighter jets wreaked havoc with missiles and bombs at the ISIS base. Iraqi Counterterrorism Service (CTS) ground force officials on the ground said many ISIS militants were killed in the attack, while the cave was completely destroyed. It is said that the British Typhoon fighter jet carried out airstrikes on two other locations in the same area on March 11 itself. In these attacks, six 226 kg Pave-4 laser-guided bombs were also fired.

British typhoon wreaks havoc in Iraq

In addition, on March 12, British Typhoon planes fired eight Pav-4 laser-guided bombs targeting other caves in the same area. Two days later, the British Air Force fired six PAV-4 laser-guided bombs at several other targets. The UK Ministry of Defense has said that before each attack our Air Force ensures that there are no general civilian casualties before and after the attack. It is said that in recent days the British force, which has been criticized for scaling back its counterterrorism operations in Iraq, has again sown panic through this operation. Previously, the British Tornado fighter jet fired a Storm Shadow missile during the early stages of the invasion of Iraq in 2003. In 011, during the Libyan air campaign, the Typhoon used the Brimo anti-armor missile Precision.

How dangerous is the Storm Shadow cruise missile

The Storm Shadow cruise missile was developed by British and French companies to fire from fighter jets. The missile was first built in 1994 by Qatar and British Aerospace, which is currently under construction by the French company MBDA. In fact, Storm Shadow is the British name for this missile, in the rest of the world it is known as SCALP EG. This missile was developed on the basis of the MBDA Apache Anti Runway Missile. The missile has been in service with the British Air Force since 2002. The 1300 kg missile is 5.1 meters long and 0.48 meters thick. This missile is capable of carrying 450 kg of explosives. This missile can fly at a maximum speed of 1000 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 30 to 40 meters, destroying pucca constructions, bunkers or caves with a range of up to 560 kilometers.

Typhoon is the best fighter plane in the world

The Eurofighter Typhoon, part of the British Royal Airforce, is one of the most powerful fighter jets in the world. It is a multi-role fighter and aeronautical specialty aircraft. This fighter plane was jointly manufactured by many countries in Europe. This fighter aircraft made its maiden flight on March 27, 1994. Since then it has served in many countries around the world, including the British Air Force, the German Air Force, the Italian Air Force, Spanish Air Force, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The maximum speed of this fighter jet is 2,495 kilometers per hour, which can travel a distance of up to 2,900 kilometers in a single flight. As of October 2020, 571 Eurofighter Typhoon units have been built.

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