Which of the following statements makes you happiest at your job?

INQUIRY | Which of the following statements makes you happiest at your job?

The happiness of an employee will not only positively affect the person himself, but it will also be a great recipe for the company itself, as it is proven that a happy employee will perform better and perform better. In the times that surround us, the happiness and mood of our employees are becoming a great challenge for companies: they must guarantee it and above all maintain it.

For this reason, from Coffee Break, the digital television show RRHHD, we have launched, like every week, a survey to get the point of view of our readers and viewers on the factors and / or aspects that make workers happier in their work.

On this occasion, in the next Coffee Break program, we will talk about the aspects that most influence the happiness of workers. Responding is very simple, a simple click on this link is enough. Among the options you are considering, you will find the following four:

Have a good salary Greater flexibility in terms of teleworking, vacations or working hours Have a varied and adaptable range of social benefits That there is a good working environment in my company

Don’t miss the opportunity to share your point of view with thousands of readers, vote now! and don’t miss the resolution of this investigation in the next coffee break program.

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