Which VET profiles are close to full employment?

The employability rate of vocational training is already higher even than that of university studies: which VET profiles are close to full employment?

The employability of Vocational Training (VET) is on everyone’s lips. But which are really the positions for which VET is required with the greatest probability of obtaining a job? Randstad, the number 1 human resources company in Spain and in the world, interviewed its consultants and analyzed which VET profiles are the most requested by companies.

The last SEPE Trades Observatory focused on the high levels of employment in vocational training studies. According to the study, the employability rate of VET stands at 42.2%, even surpassing that of university studies, which stands at 38.5%.

Contracts signed in 2020 for VET studies

Source: Randstad and SEPE

But what are the most employable studies, as the SEPE emphasizes, those related to administrative management, health, various industrial activities or education. We are even witnessing a certain boom in studies related to new technologies and digital tools.

More precisely, the average diploma in administrative management, with 160,806, leads the ranking of vocational education with the greatest number of contracts signed in 2020. It is followed, also with more than 100,000 contracts signed, by the diploma higher in administration and finance (109,149 companies) and the medium in auxiliary nursing (105,474).

Already with more moderate volumes are the Higher Diploma of Preschool Education (54,351 contracts), the Middle Diploma of Electrical and Automatic Installations (41,442) and the Higher Diploma of Social Insertion (25,351).

Which profiles have the greatest employability?

Randstad consultants from all over Spain agree that VET professionals have high employability and increasingly better paid salaries. That is, they emphasize that companies value a good attitude and some experience. But what are the most requested VET profiles by companies?

The industrial sector, and in particular activities related to metallurgy, automotive and chemicals, require such a large number of professionals with VET studies that it is almost full employment in many parts of our country. Concretely, companies are looking for profiles such as operators (especially production, but also machining or assembly and electrical wiring), maintenance professionals, electromechanics, welders or turners.

Lalogstica is experiencing a golden moment thanks to the rise of electronic commerce. Thanks to this, companies in the sector need professionals of all categories, including warehouse professionals or drivers.

The food industry also requests profiles with this type of study to respond to the increase in activity in the sector. Concretely, they are professionals dedicated to maintenance and production operators.

Finally, the profiles dedicated to administrative management continue to record high employability rates. Businesses across Spain and of all sizes will continue to demand administrative and accounting services.

What are businesses looking at?

In addition to studies and experience in vocational training, Randstad consultants highlight the skills and competencies most valued by companies when hiring a professional.

Proactivity, initiative, autonomy and adaptability are some of the skills most appreciated by employers. Companies are in a delicate situation, in full recovery, they must therefore be able to react quickly and meet the needs of the market if they are to be competitive. Therefore, they will appreciate professionals who know how to quickly adapt to their profession and overcome any setback.

Other skills are better known, but no less important. A professional who wants to ensure his employability is one who is committed to the company, who has a good attitude, who knows how to work in a team and who has good social skills.

From Randstad, we recommend FP professionals not to lose sight of the requirements of companies in the sector in which they wish to work. In addition, we consider that, whatever your professional situation, it is desirable that you continue to improve your knowledge, skills and competences, in order to increase your employability.

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