While Generali increases the commitment of its employees with the LGTBIQ + collective

GENERALI has increased in just one year the volume of employees made aware of the needs of the LGTBIQ + collective in the company, according to its annual survey on Diversity 2021. Concretely, in 2020, 57% of people questioned were concerned about the LGTBIQ + cause or were concerned about considered an ally; this figure rises to nearly 70% in 2021 thanks to the activities carried out over the past twelve months.

The GENERALI Group identified in 2020 the need to work in favor of the LGTBI collective by creating a specific line of work which, in Spain, was assumed by the Diversity Committee, chaired by the CEO of GENERALI in Spain, Santiago Villa. Over the past year, work has been carried out to respond to two of the main demands: to strengthen the visibility actions of this group, as well as the commitment of general management.

One of the main initiatives has been to join the REDI network, which seeks to promote an inclusive and respectful environment in organizations. In addition, a digital meeting took place between the CEO of GENERALI in Spain, Santiago Villa, with the president of the REDI network with the help of the employees of GENERALI in Spain. This activity was, along with Women’s Day, the activity most valued by employees as part of the insurer’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

This line of work was reinforced with the creation of an LGTBIQ + working group within the Equality Commission, responsible for preparing proposals and helping to assess specific needs.

In 2021, Pride Week is also celebrated for the second consecutive year, one of the key moments for the dissemination and visibility of the group’s situation in the company and society marked by a strong educational character.

All these initiatives benefit from strong support from GENERALI employees who, according to data from the latest climate survey, 80% consider the insurer’s management of the group’s situation to be positive.

In the words of Alberto Ogando, Chief People & Organization Officer: “From GENERALI we are deeply proud of these results, as they represent an internal recognition of the constant work we are doing on the part of the insurance company to create a 100% diversified, inclusive environment and equal work environment ”. Ogando stressed: “That in a year marked by the pandemic, so much progress has been made in raising staff awareness of the group’s situation in the corporate environment reflects the great awareness of this issue that exists. in our corporate culture. “

In parallel and internationally, GENERALI has the We, Proud initiative which began in 2020 and which contributes to strengthening inclusion in the workplace by creating a safe and trustworthy environment in which the members of the LGTBIQ collective + can connect with people who understand and support them. them. We proudly have an international network of over 800 volunteers and have organized 4 global events in just one year of life where employees were able to learn real and inspiring experiences from their own colleagues.

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